Sweat, shake and burn. The new workout Rayne Embley is loving…


Rayne Embley on the Megaformer

Rayne Embley is a fashion, lifestyle & motherhood blogger, businesswoman, restauranteur and mother of three. She's also wife to ex-AFL football star, Andrew Embley, of the West Coast Eagles so it is an understatement to say she understands athletes and athleticism well.
Rayne LOVES a good workout. Whether it’s boxing, strength and conditioning, pilates or running, she just can’t get enough of that addictive post workout feeling.
Lately she's been coming to work out with us at LaFit Studio - check out her blog post to find out why Megaformer is her latest love! (You'll see why we've used her images in some of our promotional material - she is absolutely babeing!)
Our favourite quotes include:
For those of you who are wanting to really challenge yourself, change, tone and tighten your body, then this is definitely a workout for you.
What I love most about this regime is that it hits all of the fitness spots for me. The poses and intensity keeps my heart rate up, works my core muscles and ensures I get the long lean results I am after.
Want to find out for yourself why Lagree hits all the fitness spots for Rayne?
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