Ride Challenge... you just nailed September!



Ride Challenge 20|30 

This September our Riders accepted the challenge to complete 20 Rides in 30 days. And they nailed it! Hundreds of Ride classes later, as a pack we improved our fitness, found inspiration and cultivated an incredible community! 

Accepting a challenge takes courage. Committing to a challenge takes dedication. Nailing a challenge takes you places you never dreamed!

We are so proud of your results, from the sides to the back, we saw how hard you worked. Whether you completed 10, 20 or killed it with 35 (like our Pack Leader Edwina)... you rocked it! You showed up, set your intention, rode your heart out and handed over your soul to your instructor. You took out 45 minutes of your day and dedicated it to YOU! We hope this challenge has left you feeling empowered, strong and sexy. 

A massive congratulations to our winners. We can't wait to share their journeys... stay tuned for more. 

In our eyes you are all winners. We hope you have fallen in love with the bike and now you can't get enough of Perth's first rhythm Ride... motivating instructors, rocking music and those highs only cardio can provide.  

Let's keep this incredible energy up. See you in the dark room! 

The Winners

Pack Leader
Edwina Cheong
Points: 148
Classes: A jaw-dropping (body-sculpting) 35 Ride classes and 1 combo class. Not to mention 18 Megaformer classes on top!  
Prize: Magnum of Veuve Cliquot and TIEM cycle shoes

Pack Leader Runner-Up
DJ Lim 
Points: 120
Classes: 25 Ride and 3 combo 
Prize: LA Fit Studio membership 

Best Energy 
Tracie Casotti
Points: 109
Classes: 20 Ride and 7 combo 
Prize: Gift box of our fave wellness providers  

Team Prize
Ride Or Die - Danielle Crehan, Vinita Vinciullo and Clare Mesure
Classes as a team: 19 
Prize: girls night out at Dainty Dowager 

A word from our instructors...

After 30 days of sprints, slides, shouting and songs I am so grateful for this month. For all its challenges it is clear to me that YOU ARE the rhythm. The unique pulse that makes LA Fit Studio so special is our members. So clip in, rock out, namaste.
- Zac Gower

Ride Challenge was absolutely fantastic -- there are the obvious positives such as seeing physical change in the members, improvement in performance, and higher attendance numbers for the studio. But the biggest take away was the sense of community. I looked forward to seeing the same people day in and day out. It was kind of like the bar from the T.V. series Cheers but without the alcohol. Everyone knew each other's names, everyone wanted to talk to each other. We all started the month as individual riders with a common goal (20 in 30) and finished the month as a pack, a team, as friends.
-- Nikki Carmela

The personal growth you guys have experienced in the last month of the challenge is worth more than any sticker, or any prize. Once you experience that joy of separation from everyday life, you will forever chase it.
-- Kelly Dalby

What an amazing month! The energy, the effort and just the overall atmosphere was incredible. You all should be so proud of yourself - every single one of you showed up and kicked ass! Can't wait to see you all back on the bike this week!
-- Kelly Zarchekoff

Who would have thought we could have this much fun on a bike!? What an amazing 30 days of transformation; physically and mentally. Let's keep this momentum going and RIDE into October with the same enthusiasm and hard work as September. Yay team!
-- Jacinta Hanrahan


Ride is Perth's first rhythm ride. Interval training disguised as a cardio party on your bike. Come and give LA Fit Studio a go with our New Client Special. 

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