The UrbanList Health Dummy. We Try Lagree.


Tess Gallagher on the Megaformer

As the editor of The Urban List Perth, Tess Gallagher checks out Perth’s best eating, drinking, shopping and wellness on the daily. She came along to some Megaformer classes to see what all the fuss was about. A few weeks later she is now a certified ‪#‎LagreeAddict‬ and member at LaFit!
Check out her review of the studio and method on the Urbanlist below, including some fab pics of the latest threads from L'urv and We Are Handsome currently in studio now!
Our favourite quotes include:
Owners Claire and Jaye have done an awesome job at making the studio a place their clients love walking into, even when those same clients know they're gonna get their butt kicked! 
What I love most about Lagree is that it feels like a complete workout. My heart rate is firing the whole class, it works every muscle and it really gives me the long, lean results I want. There also hasn’t been a single class I’ve walked out of where I haven’t felt like I’ve worked really, really hard. 
I also love that there’s only eight people in any one class so each instructor can keep an eye on your technique and is there to keep encouraging you when you feel like you can’t stay in the pose for one second longer!
Having now signed up for a membership at LaFit Studio, it’s fair to say I’m converted. And yep, I have kind of turned into one of those talk-about-Lagree-all-the-time people. Well played, Lagree, well played. 
Tess elaborated on her article in a recent email to Claire, saying:
"I used to play State League Netball, have always been really fit and healthy, and have tried so many exercise classes over the years from Xtend Barre to bootcamps to boxing to bikram, etc, but I honestly honestly honestly think this is one of the best workouts I have ever done. It’s just so effective!!"
Want to find out for yourself why Tess can't stop talking about Lagree?
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