7 tips for taking your running to the next level

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Take your running to the next level

Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise because you can do it anywhere, any time and it’s free! Whether you’re just starting out or have been running for years, check out these tips to take your running to the next level!

Mix it up

Going for a long easy run is a great way to build endurance, but your performance will inevitably plateau if you don’t mix it up. Incorporate some hill sessions to improve power, and sprints for speed and a real cardiovascular workout. If you’ve been training for the 12km City to Surf on August 30, add some 400m intervals into your training program and see your times improve out of sight!


Allowing sufficient recovery between training sessions is critical for performance. We stress this in the Lagree Method, but it applies equally to all forms of exercise if you are training at an effective intensity.

Tightness in the outside of the leg coupled with weakness on the inner creates imbalance, incorrect alignment and tracking of the knee. If you never address that underlying tightness you’re bound for injury. Take plenty of time to stretch and foam roll after your runs to stay balanced…and be sure to schedule those rest days!

Put your best foot forward

Weak or unstable feet can affect your gait, leading to imbalances and injury. To build a strong first point of contact with the ground you need to strengthen your the arches of your feet. At home, try skipping or calf raises, and during the lunge moves at the studio take your hands off the handlebars to really test your stability.

If the shoe fits…

A new pair of running shoes is way more important than the cute Instagram pic you’ll inevitably post when you get them home.

To avoid injury and discomfort, your running shoes must fit the width and height of your arches, the movement of your foot, and should be replaced approximately 500 kilometres. If you don’t know whether your feet pronate, supinate or are neutral get them checked out by a podiatrist or specialist running shop, who will advise on the best shoe to suit your foot and running style.

Give yourself plenty of time to break in new shoes before a race to avoid blisters!


If you’re training for an event and want to experiment with your diet, give yourself plenty of time to find the optimal fuel before race day. Incorporating different foods, portion sizes and supplements right before race day can spell disaster if your body doesn’t agree with something.

The Golden Rule for Race Day is: Nothing New, Only Tried and True!

H2-Oh so important

Staying hydrated during distance events is critical for maintaining energy and preventing debilitating cramps, which at times can affect even the most experienced runners.

Make sure you have access to plenty of water and an electrolyte your body is used to (such as coconut water or a high quality formula) on race days and during training.

Include strength training

Controlled strength training will lengthen muscles, correct structural imbalances, improve your core strength and posture. This translates directly to improved gait and running performance.

Lagree Fitness is an ideal cross training method for runners because it has been specifically designed to build strength, cardio, endurance, balance and flexibility. If you want to take your running to the next level, incorporate twice-weekly Megaformer classes into your training program.

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