Client testimonial from Sally, our Megaformer Challenge winner


Sally our Megaformer Challenge winner

Earlier this year, participants from 31 Lagree Fitness studios around the world took part in the Megaformer Challenge. 31 days to transform the body and mind over 15 sessions!

We spoke to our Megaformer Challenge winner Sally Hasson who achieved amazing results losing an incredible 7.2% body fat and 7.5cm across her measurements.

Congratulations again on winning the Megaformer Challenge! What was the driving force to join the challenge?

Funnily enough the driving force to join the Megaformer Challenge was more about challenging my mind than my body. To acknowledge and challenge my thought processes and esteem related to my body image.  

Committing to 15 sessions in 31 days is tough for any schedule. How did you fit in your sessions?

LA Fit Studio made that easy - they have classes from dawn to dusk so as long as I planned ahead I could find a class to fit into my shift work schedule. After the first week of the challenge, I was enjoying it so much that when I had extra time I’d walk to class (rather than drive) or take an extra class.

Whilst you only lost 1.3kg on the scales, you lost an incredible 7.2% body fat. It truly shows that the scales aren’t everything! How did your body shape change from the challenge?   

My shape became leaner, I could see more definition around my shoulders and waist and overall my body felt stronger. I’ve also noticed less back pain which would be due to strengthening my core. A change in my shape brought about a better fit in my clothes as well.    

During the challenge, did you also experience a mind transformation?

Yes, the longer the challenge went on, the stronger I felt mentally in staying on track and sticking with my personal goals related to the challenge (i.e. adjustments to my dietary intake including no alcohol and no sugar in my coffee).

Many of our challengers said they felt more energised during the challenge. Already balancing life and shift work as a nurse, how did your energy levels go?

My energy levels were great. For me mental stimulation and physical activity perpetuates energy so the challenge offered lots of both. Nursing shift work can be physically and mentally tiring - it doesn’t always leave a lot of energy for other activities. Despite this I keep going to Lagree because 45 minutes of shaking, burning effort is paid back double fold in endorphins and a sense of accomplishment - that's what makes it so addictive - I describe it to people as “Pilates on crack”.

Wow you’ve been with us for over a year now, since June last year. How did you stumble across LA Fit?

The fact that I’ve committed to regular exercise for over a year is a minor miracle! My friend Annabel and I live locally.  She literally lives around the corner from LA Fit and asked me to come and try the New Member Special with her.. and we’ve been going ever since. Fitness was never really my thing but I love Lagree! I love it! It’s challenging but achievable. I’m not the youngest or the leanest - but I’m amongst the happiest. It’s improved my strength, my physique and most importantly my confidence - I can’t ask for much more than that.

And most importantly, when are you enjoying your prize, a health retreat "balance break" with Paper Tiger Wellness?

Lucky me!!! I think a Balance Break will definitely be due early next year - I can’t wait!

If you want to change your body like Sally, chat to one of our team to find which package would best suit you. 

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Sally Hasson and Jacinta Hanrahan at LaFit Studio





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