Interview with Bindi Hay - expectant mum, toddler wrangler, gun hairstylist and Lagree Addict.


Bindi Hay (and Neko!)

Name: Bindi Hay
Age: 35
Gestation: 36 weeks
Pregnancy: Second

How have you felt during your pregnancy? 

"Phorrrr really shady, the entire pregnancy! It's fatiguing running around after a 2 year old at the best of times, but you can only laugh with exhaustion as the greatest reward awaits at the other end.
Bodywise, I've just listened to what my body needs on a day to day bases. Tired... then sleep. Eat cake.. then eat cake."

What is your usual workout routine?

"I exercise about 4-5 times a week - pregnant or not. This includes yoga, swimming laps and walking... there's no strict regime, the deal is to incorporate exercise into my daily life routines."

Why did you choose to incorporate Lagree Fitness into your pregnancy exercise routine?

"I was craving something new to awaken the senses and muscles deep within... and have you gals looked in the mirror, you're walkin', talkin' advertisement for the benefits of Lagree. Now I'm hooked, I can't wait to be back in the studio!"

How have you modified your workouts during your pregnancy?

"Lightened the load, I don't push or challenge myself... if I'm feeling sluggish, be a slug."

Is there something you can’t wait to get back to once you’ve had the baby?

"Yes, my energy levels... and my brain! Pregnancy makes the mind all crazy and forgetful...well mine anyway. I'm itching to be back on the Lagree wagon, toughing it out with you girls."

Would you recommend LaFit to other pregnant women? If so, why?

"YES YES YES !!! I still feel firm, fit and strong in all the right places. I believe it's important to have a positive mindset towards your body during pregnancy as the changes are out of your control.
Lagree gets the energy and endorphins moving from deep within... and geez it feels gooooooood!!!!"

Want to be a Mega Mama like Bindi?

If you have been coming to Megaformer regularly you can, and should, continue exercising throughout your pregnancy! **Unless you have been advised to avoid exercise by your GP or obstetrician**

As your pregnancy progresses we will make modifications to suit your changing body. Check out Bindi demonstrating some of the many pregnancy-suitable exercises you can do at LaFit Studio. 

If you have any questions about whether Lagree Fitness is right for you during your pregnancy please call us on 08 9380 4249. 

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Exercise: Teaser. Target muscles: obliques, triceps, shoulder, lats.  Open foot stance during pregnancy to lessen intensity on the obliques.


Exercise: Skating. Target muscles: abductors, glutes, hamstrings, gradriceps, No pregnancy modifications required.


Exercise: Catfish. Target muscles: triceps, shoulders, lats, abdominals. Add more springs to assist the abdominals.


Exercise: Kneeling Shoulder Press. Target muscles: shoulder. No pregnancy modifications required.

Kneeling shoulder press

Exercise: Kneeling Inner Thighs. Target muscles: adductors, glutes. This is a modification for Standing Inner Thighs for those experiencing extra instability in the pelvis during pregnancy. At the front of the machine: add more springs to assist. At the back of the machine: remove springs to lessen resistance.

Kneeling Inner Thighs

Exercise: Lying Hip Side Raise. Target muscles: obliques. This is a gentle modification for Mermaid Crunch.

Side Hip Raise

Exercise: Spider Kicks. Target muscles: glutes, hamstrings, abdominals, triceps, shoulders. No pregancy modifications required.

Spider Kicks

Neko demonstrating excellent form with "Baby Spider Kicks"!

Baby Spider Kicks

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