Meet Roxy... our latest Lagree Fitness recruit

Team LA Fit

Meet Roxy Visser, our newest Lagree Fitness instructor to join the team! 

Tell us a little about yourself...
I'm a water baby, foodie and health and fitness enthusiast. I'm definitely happiest being outdoors..whether it’s a lazy day on the beach, coast walks with friends, laps in the pool or exploring Perth and it’s surrounding trails and hikes. Always up for the next adventure, hence joining LA Fit! 

My fitness background...
Been around the block… qualified Chef and passionate foodie, found fitness when changing industries moving out of hospitality. A passionate and fun industry to be in but not sustainable or healthy. I shifted that focus and passion, taking charge and making the changes necessary… finding inspiration along the way and realising how much I loved the way being active, healthy and fit made me feel…and wanting to share that with others! Functional group training, following that started CrossFit, complementing that high intensity form of training with yoga, swimming and hitting the Megaformer. 

I'm currently completing my Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification and 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training is on the horizon in 2019! 

What do you love about Lagree Fitness?
The structure, control and burn! There are no shortcuts and contrasting it to my CrossFit training, it’s humbling to see the immediate difference in Lagree’s method of slow and controlled vs the high intensity high impact methods of other functional training. Slow and steady wins the race for longevity, building that beautiful muscle definition and making you feel like a rockstar after just 45minutes of work! It’s effective and convenient!

Why LA Fit Studio?
Why not?! The amazing team I get to work with, the community I get to support and teach, and the method! It’s the dream package and I’m thrilled to be a part of it! 

My favourite Megaformer move 
Plank to pike - probably a bit bias as I’m lucky enough to be pretty flexible (BUT I also have legs that go forever!). Full body movement that is a great combo of strength, flexiblity and control! 

My favourite Megaformer move to teach
Bear! That perfectly flat back and control required is so great to see client’s achieve + it’s a little bit fun getting to perk your booty up out there whilst you give your core a nice little wake up call!

What are you looking to bring to LA Fit? 
A whole lot of shake, burn and a little bit of African sass ;) To create an energetic, safe and confident space for members to feel like they can achieve anything they set their minds to. Regardless of training background, current fitness level or even just the day they’re having…to share that high with them at the end of a session and know that I’ve made a positive impact to their day :)

Megaformer with Roxy
Every Monday at 6am, 7am and 9.30am in Subiaco

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