Ride with KTX Fitness... how it all started


Rhythm Ride spin classes

What an epic week! Sold out Ride with KTX Fitness classes at the studios and massive back to back sessions at The Court on Sunday. We have loved Keith Thompson's energy. Bringing his incredible energy to every class and getting everyone on the beat. Twerk it baby!

And it all started with our amazing client Priscilla Le, here's how...

How did you spark up the convo with Keith Thompson to get him over to LA Fit Studio?

The reality is... I slid into his DM on Instagram in November! I had been following him for awhile and was in complete awe of the energy, music and atmosphere in his classes. Keith was constantly touring America, Asia and Europe whilst running his studio in Atlanta, so I figured why not just ask him straight if he could tour Australia. At first I sent the message not even expecting a response and the next thing I knew he asked if I had known any gyms that would allow him to come. I jumped right on it and plugged LA Fit Studio, he passed on his number to me, I spoke to Claire and Jaye, then BOOM, here we are!

Ride with KTX Fitness in 3 words...

Intense, fun and tiring! Just when you think you’re exhausted, Keith makes you do another 20 reps and you surprisingly find the energy. I went hard on my first workout … it was truly the best time. 

How did you feel after class?

I felt like I could have done another class simply because the music and energy was so good at The Court. I actually drove home with both hands on the wheel as if it was a bike, music playing, bouncing and chanting to myself “right, left, right, left”.

Your current KTX count... 

I’ve already done a total of 4 classes in 3 days. She is truly crazy! 

Why do you love rhythm Ride at LA Fit Studio?

Picture this: You’re in a dark room with a few neon lights, there’s loud music pumping, a hype man/woman comes up to you and shouts, “you got it, you’re amazing!” all whilst you’re dancing on a bike singing Side to Side by Ariana Grande... What’s not to love? Did I mention you’re also burning calories?!

And you love Megaformer too, it's the perfect mix right?!

You really do get the best of both worlds at LA Fit. You got your fast paced high energy sessions with Ride and your slow paced zen moments in Megaformer. Either way you’re definitely sweating it out and fatiguing those muscles. 

Why should people check out LA Fit Studio?

The workouts you get here at LA Fit, you won’t find in any other gym. The Megaformer is a huge point of difference and the vibe you get from Ride makes working out feel like you’re dancing in a club. 


Now let's Ride...

Ride with KTX Fitness has sold out but we'll still be in the Ride room baby.

It's unique, it's intense, it's a culture. Lights low, we Ride to the beat of inspired music. Book in and find your spot! 

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