Morgan is back on the bike!


Our instructor Morgan welcomed their first child, Ellie, into the world last year. Trust us, this little blue-beauty is the cutest.

We're excited to share that our yummy mummy is back! You'll find Morgan on the schedule teaching Megaformer and Ride!  We took 5 with Morgan to check in. 

How old gorgeous little Ellie now?
5 months!

You've been maintaining your Megaformer classes since having Ellie... how did that help your body recover?
Megaformer has helped me tighten my core muscles back up and retrain my brain to use that area of my body. I've loved being back at the studio!

This week you are officially back on the schedule since August last year! 
I'll be teaching Ride at 5.30pm every Thursday at the Subiaco studio. I can't wait to see everyone. 

What did you miss about teaching Ride? 
The happy hormone high it gives me and leaving super sweaty!

What are you looking forward to most?
Planning Killer sessions that people love and look forward to

What songs are you vibing at the moment?
I'm loving fresh remixes of old favorites!  

What is your top tip for Ride newbies?
Focus on correct technique first, then add the attitude! 

Find Morgan's classes on the timetable and book in.
Score yourself a $20 spot to Ride this Thursday at 5.30pm in Subiaco. Purchase here and then book. 

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