You think Megaformer is intense… wait ‘til you try our combo classes!

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There’s only one thing more intense than a Megaformer class… it’s adding Ride to the mix. We believe our 50 minute combo classes, MegaRide or RideMega, are one of the most unique (and intense) workouts in Perth.

We have clients who

  • LOVE combo classes
  • Actually prefer combo classes. They believe it’s easier than doing the full 45 minutes of Ride or Megaformer.  Some say they’d never survive a Ride class (c’mon you totally would!).
  • Don’t believe a combo class is tough enough. Maybe they love (or love to hate) those killer leg blocks in Megaformer.
  • Use combo classes to their advantage. Using the shorter time in each room to target, focus or try something new. It might be, not breaking during Plank to Pike on the Megaformer or turning the dial a little more right in Ride to increase intensity.

Does this sound like you?
What do you love or what’s holding you back?
Or have you already made up your mind without even trying a class?

Read on for a different perspective! You’ll be on the combo bandwagon in no time.

25 min Megaformer then 25 min Ride 

For those hitting up MegaRide, the Ride component becomes your ‘metabolic finisher’.

A metabolic finisher is traditionally something performed at the end of your workout. It’s the cherry on top that pushes your body to its limit, creating stimulus for growth and future workout capacity as well as increasing fat loss through EPOC (exercise post oxygen consumption). Metabolic finishers create ‘oxygen debt’ which causes your body to continue to work and continue burning calories at a higher rate than your usual energy expenditure for many many hours after the session due to the recovery required from such a taxing session. 

Yes, the same may occur in a full ride session, but when you are riding for 25 minutes as opposed to 45, the intensity SHOULD be greater – we have you covered in terms of track choice, creating a playlist FAR harder than a full ride class, but are you taking the opportunity to lift your intensity in your 25 minute class? That is in your hands (or maybe your legs?).

Compare this to a 10km run vs a short intense interval training session comprising of 400m repeats  – over 10km your pace needs to be steady to be sustainable, it certainly wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) be the same speed you use for your 400m repeats which are short, and horrible and intense, but actually compliment your longer runs by conditioning your body at a higher speed, creating that oxygen debt, and challenging your mental toughness. You could essentially run your 400m repeats at a slow and steady pace if it is just kms you are trying to get under your belt, but they have the potential for so much more. 

25 min Ride then 25 min Megaformer

For those attending RideMega, you will be (or should be) hitting the machine with something more than just the beads of sweat… pre-fatigue.

Your core muscles keep you stable, upright and engage when you breathe on the bike. Performing your killer core moves on the Megaformer with pre-fatigue (or pre-activation) should feel different. Either you really utilise your core for support on the bike and find it challenging to support yourself on the Megaformer afterwards, or you hit the machine having activated this powerhouse of muscles and feel physically prepared and mentally willing to challenge yourself.


Not only do our combo classes offer opportunity, they offer variety.

Life doesn’t limit itself to one slow speed, it can be hectic and it can feel out of control. There are times when we are forced to slow down or NEED to slow down. Sometimes we need to pick up our pace or feel like we are being pushed at a speed beyond our control.

Your training can and should:

  • condition you for life 
  • teach you that you have so many things within your control
  • bring attention to the things you love and do
  • bring attention to the things you dislike and don’t
  • bring you joy
  • challenge you to change you

That’s why you train at LA Fit! We believe in our method. We believe in our instructors. We believe in you! Take the plunge and try something outside of your comfort zone… see you in a combo class.

Kelly Dalby, Picture of Health PT

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