Stylecrush had a date with the devil (AKA the Megaformer)


Allesandra Ambrosio prepares for Victoria's Secret fashion show on the Megaformer

Natalie Italiano's blog, StyleCrush, started as a way to share her passions; fashion, food and style. After personal styling for many years, blogging became a great way to stay connected to the Fashion world after having children.  After guest contributing to Grazia, she become the first Official Fashion Ambassador for the City of Perth!
Natalie has tried it all, personal trainers, Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, aerobics, running, walking, exercise with friends, exercise alone, gyms, fancy machines, hypoxi - yet she couldn't seem to find her ‘thing’. However that didn’t stop her from wanting to try the latest ‘thing’ she saw on Instagram.  It was Lagree at LaFit Studio and she wanted in. Check out her blog post, including drool-worthy snaps from the latest Victoria's Secret fashion show, featuring Megaformer fan Alessandra Ambrosio.
Our favourite quotes include:
I watched as lovely women slowly moved their bodies on machines that kind of looked like Pilates reformers.  Ah yes, this is more my speed – lots of stretching not much running around.The class finished and as the lovely ladies left the room I noticed that they were all out of breath, sweating and looking like they were in some serious pain.  Did I miss something? 
It was like a 45 minute dance with the Devil.
It burned like hell and I hated every minute, and then I was done and I couldn’t wait to go back and do it again. It’s addictive. Like a drug. 
And of course when you are just starting to feel a tad bit impressed with your efforts there is nothing like a Victoria Secret Show to bring you crashing back down to Earth.
Want to find out for yourself why Natalie loves to hate us?
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