What's in your Ride bag?


What should you carry to get you to, through, and from Ride class? A sweat towel and water bottle are pretty standard, but here are some things you may not have thought of:

  1. A reusable bag to throw those sweaty clothes into after. No one wants their grubby gear getting all over everything else. Here at LA Fit we prefer not to use plastic bags.
  2. A change of shirt because, while cute, that activewear top is probably going to be SWEATY AS. #letsgetsalty
  3. Facial wipes -- this one is a must-have for both Zac and Morgan. Sometimes you have to keep on with your day without a shower (the struggle is real). You still need to get that sweat off your face and clear those pores!
  4. Travel (or regular) sized perfume/lotion/dry shampoo/deoderant -- see above. Nothing revitalizes you like a fresh scent (or tricks your mates into thinking you’re squeaky clean).
  5. Breath mint. Fresh mouth, fresh feels all over.
  6. A snack! Whether you choose to eat or not before class, refueling within the hour post-ride is hella important. Opt for something with protein and carbs (protein bar, banana with pb, donut and bacon -- we don’t judge).
  7. Last but not least -- shoes! If you’ve solely been Mega-ing until now, you may not even remember to bring proper footwear. So at the very least, throw some runners in that bag. If you’re falling in love with Ride, want to do it more often, or make those push and pull movements with more intention, it would be worth investing in a pair of cycle shoes (see below).


We are loving TIEM, the first cycle shoes we've found that not only performs well but also ticks the style box. LA Fit is taking wholesale pre-orders now, RRP is USD $125 (converting to roughly AUD $160 + cleats and postage). Check out their incredible range and register your interest here

Otherwise, ask your instructor for tips on brands, where to buy, and the sort of clips you need.

Once you’ve taken the plunge, give yourself a few extra minutes at the beginning of class to practice clipping in and out. If you need assistance, never hesitate to ask! Some helpful hints: when clipping in, lead with the palm of your foot, not the toe, because that’s where the clip is. When unclipping, swing your heel to the right or left and you’ll pop right out.


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