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Olivia's Ninja Warrior run has clocked just cheeky 5M views on YouTube!

Olivia Vivian is a Lululemon Ambassador and heads to LA Fit for three Megaformer classes a week.  We absolutely love having her in the studio… she is a breath of fresh air and is always pushing the Mega to its limits (check this out). 

She is a three-time World Championship Representative, Olympian and Commonwealth Games Silver medalist and now adds Ninja Warrior to her long list of achievements. We blushed a little (okay okay A LOT) when Olivia thanked LA Fit for helping her conquer the wall!


We took 5 with this machine to find out about her experience with Ninja Warrior...


What was involved in training for ninja warrior?
Honestly a little bit of everything! I did lots of leg training to get up the wall as it’s where I failed last time, and lots of core strength to enable me to go over it backwards!

You’re an elite athlete. What was the ninja warrior course really like?
Hardest component to the course is the mental obstacle you face. Not having touched or tried the obstacles before, the nerves and uncertainty play a big factor.

How does it feel to be the first woman to conquer the wall?
Bloody amazing, but I credit my entire Ninja community as they inspired, supported and helped me train for it. I can only hope that I’ve inspired some more people out there to give it a go! 

You thanked LA Fit for helping you conquer the wall – what edge did your Megaformer training give you?
It helped strengthen both my legs and core, but also provided me with muscle endurance for the course. Not once did I feel burnt out or fatigued 

What would you say to other women/girls who are interested in trying out for ninja warrior?
GO DO IT! It’s such a unique world and the fitness aspect to it is so much fun! Plus you get to tell people you’re a ninja... ummm pretty cool! Haha.

What’s next for Olivia Vivian?
Well I didn’t win that prize money so I’m still making A-grade coffees and puppuccinos (dog treat) at my café the leaky tap. But I will surely be training for season three! 

What do you love about LA Fit Studio?
I love that every workout is different and the trainers are awesome. I get bored easy so it’s perfect on so many levels! 

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