The Glutes. How and why we train them

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The glutes

Mark Greenberg, MD, is an ultrarunner and Professor of Pediatrics and Anesthesiology at the University of California, San Diego. He recently published an article explaining the importance of correct training of the Glute muscles...more commonly known as "the booty".
The glutes are a collection of muscles that combine to extend, abduct and rotate the leg. In addition they stabilize the trunk as a connection between the upper and lower torsos, and assist in maintaining an erect posture. They are composed of the Gluteus Maximus (GM), Gluteus Medius (Gmed), and Gluteus Minimus(Gmin).
Since the Glutes are a large muscle group, working to exhaustion will consume large quantities of oxygen which can help burn fat and create muscle. However, athletes often suffer imbalances due to over-training of the GM, Hamstrings and Quads during cycling and running, which can affect the gait and lead to injury. 
Download the article in full here.
Isolation training of the Glutes using the Megaformer can improve athletic performance and prevent injuries.

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