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Perth's Best Workouts

Christie Bosworth from Scoop Magazine came to check out the Megaformer in her quest to find Perth's best workout. We were super excited to introduce this part time yoga teacher to the method...and the burn!
So what did she think of LaFit? Here's our favourite quotes from the article:

Love the intensity of a hard-hitting, muscle fibre-pumping workout, but enjoy a micro-tuning Pilates session just as much? Enter Lagree pilates in Subiaco.

The moves (lunges, push-ups and the like) target those tiny, hard-to-reach muscular groups: in no more than three minutes, I had some intense shakes, sweats and burns going on, particularly in my butt.

LaGree is basically Pilates on steroids, and it’s one helluva good workout. Safe to say I avoided any stairs for a week.

FOR Pilates buffs looking for the next thing
TARGETS Legs, glutes and core

Want to find out for yourself why Lagree is for pilates buffs looking for the next thing?
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