Mega, mega, mega - the Box Power Issue!

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Box Magazine Power Issue

The Spring/Summer 15 edition of Box Magazine is the Power Issue, featuring major brands like Armani, Lambourghini and...Lagree Fitness at LaFit Studio!
We are absolutely honoured to be featured alongside these power players in a well-written article that is succinct and to the point. Box Magazine - thanks for sharing why Lagree is the perfect workout for powerful people!
Our favourite quotes include:
When it comes to finding the best total-body workout, who can you take at their word? NBA basketballers. In 2013, then-Laker Metta World Peace said Lagree Fitness was the "craziest and best workout I've had!"
The positions the instructor guides you through are familiar enough, but the changing resistance and sliding platforms truly isolate, challenge and work each muscle group.
There is barely any negative feedback or risk associated with the Lagree method. Big burly basketballers love it because it provides and intense workout without putting any pressure on their joints; young women love it for its wonderful toning effect; runners find it increases their muscle strength and anaerobic performance.
There's a great study between the elliptical and the Megaformer. The heart rate of the participant got to a higher point and stayed higher for longer on the Megaformer.
No matter how busy you are, time is really no excuse - as if the sheer effectiveness of the method wasn't enough.
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