Meet our new instructor… Louise Townsend

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Louise Townsend

Introducing LA Fit’s latest addition to the team… Louise Townsend!

Louise joins the studio as our newest Lagree instructor with a wealth of experience. Running her own group fitness and PT business, Feel Fitness, and taking mums and bubs classes at Loftus Community Centre.

When Louise joined us as a client, she was incredibly fit but her body was in bad shape. Years of training as a triathlete had taken its toll, resulting in knee issues and an ankle reconstruction. Louise found that Lagree is the one regime that does not aggravate her broken body.

With her trainer background and devotion to the Megaformer, it made perfect sense that we approach her to join us as an instructor!

Whether you've got an injury or some post-natal concerns you need to work around, or you're just after a super fun class, you can join Louise at LA Fit Studio on Monday and Wednesday lunch times.

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