Client Testimonial... Megaformer Challenge 2017 winner, Amanda Lohman


Lagree Fitness Megaformer Challenge results

Last year Megaformer Challenge set a new record with over 600 participants worldwide. With 111 entries, LA Fit Studio held the largest studio team of entrants making up a huge percentage of the global entries.

Before we dive into Megaformer Challenge 2018, we speak to our 2017 winner Amanda Lohman who achieved incredible results losing an incredible 7.2% body fat and 5.5cm across her measurements. 

Full name Amanda Lohman
Results Lost 7.2% body fat, 2.8kg and 5.3cm across measurements
Age 43
Membership Loving Lagree Fitness since February 2017, currently doing 6 classes per week mixing up Megaformer, Ride and combo classes

What inspired you to join the Challenge? 

It never felt like a challenge! I was already loving Lagree Fitness classes and there were awesome prizes. 

Committing to 15 sessions in 31 days is tough for any schedule. How did you fit in your sessions?

I made the commitment to myself that I would do complete the 15 sessions but it was also about ensuring my family was 100% supportive of my schedule. With their support I was able to squeeze in a few cheeky mega sessions which got me out of the dinner dishes.

Whilst you only lost 2.8kg on the scales, you lost an incredible 7.2% body fat. It truly shows that the scales aren’t everything! How did your body shape change from the Challenge?   

I have to admit I was all about the scales before the Challenge and within the first week I lost 1.5 kilos so that was definitely a great motivator but then by the second week there was a minimal loss on the scales however I certainly felt lighter and could see the difference in the before and after photos. I also started to receive compliments from my peers which was a real boost for my mental strength.

Did you notice any other positive effects on your body that surprised you?

By the end of the Challenge I could  definitely notice the definition in my arms mainly biceps and my upper chest looked leaner, my skin was the best it has ever felt and looked. I felt healthy and so much stronger

You also  trained for a half marathon during Challenge! How did the Megaformer assist your other training activities?

As many mothers know we find it hard to laugh, dance, sneeze and cough, without a little bit of LBL let alone run a ½ marathon. So the training throughout May on the Megaformer, specifically the core strengthening, allowed me to enjoy the run without stopping at every loo along the way.  I never realised when signing up for the Challenge that it was going to fix a problem that had embarrassed me for so many years.

Our resident nutritionist Kelley Sloan put together a killer nutrition plan! Did you stick to it and how did you find the recipes? 

Killer it was! I loved receiving the weekly meal plans. I was able to plan ahead without being overwhelmed by a whole month of recipes. Kelley’s recipes were clean, tasty and simple to prepare which is great for anyone juggling work and family. It was one of my main goals to stick to the diet, I would have been disappointed in myself if I didn’t.

During the Challenge, did you also experience a mind transformation? 

Megaformer Challenge allowed me to share all my extra energy my body had produced with my family, I was laughing, always smiling and calmer (with no crazy mum mood swings). I became the person that I used to be, I began to love myself again.

You’ve been hitting the Megaformer and Ride classes regularly. What do you love about training at the studio? 

What’s not to love! It’s 45 minutes of intense training The instructors never fail in delivering their powerful program whether it be in the ride room or on the Megaformer. It is never the same workout twice. I just love it

And most importantly, how was your staycation at Amelia Park Lodge? 

I’m squeezing it in before Challenge, I’ll get back to you on that one :)

Amanda smashed her results and you could too!

Megaformer Challenge starts on 1 May! Get in the shape of your life and win big.


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