LA Fit's incredible results for the Megaformer Challenge 2017

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Megaformer Challenge results

In May clients from Lagree Fitness studios all over the world committed to a challenge to transform both body and mind. The criteria? Complete 15 sessions in 31 days on the Megaformer (dubbed the pilates reformer machine on steroids) and track the results.

This year the Megaformer Challenge 2017 set a new record with over 600 participants worldwide. With 111 entries, LA Fit Studio held the largest studio team of entrants making up a huge percentage of the global entries. Go Team LA Fit!

To ensure our clients saw the best results, LA Fit created a transformative package which included weekly nutrition plans and intention/goal setting plus, assigned a LA Fit instructor to mentor each client and take their 31 days to the next level. As an added incentive we created a local Challenge with incredible prizes including a two night getaway to Amelia Park Lodge! 

These added extras paid off BIG time. Our 111 entrants lost a total of 150 kgs and 700 cm in measurements!

We're thrilled to announce the winners of the local Challenge!

1st Prize
Amanda Lohman
Lost 7.2% body fat, 2.8kg and 5.3cm across measurements
Prize: A blissful two night getaway to the brand new Amelia Park Lodge in our stunning South West

2nd Prize
Evelyn Abadines
Results: Lost 7% body fat, 0.5kg and 21.5cm across measurements
Prize: LA Fit Studio membership 

3rd Prize
Patty Djajaputra 
Results: Lost 2.9% body fat, 6.2kg and 18.5cm across measurements
Prize: 3 day juice cleanse with Pure Glow

4th Prize
Emma Thomas
Results: Lost 4.7% body fat, 0.9kg and 23cm across measurements 
Prize: Wellness hamper from Bounty Box

5th - 10th Prizes
Cassy McDonald, Jen Wrigley, Nadine Ross, Anita Pope, Kristy Jones, Sarah Fowler & Iain MacKay (in no particular order)
LA Fit Studio activewear vouchers

Now the global Challenge results are in and 5 out of the 10 finalists are from LA Fit Studio!! These 5 rockstars were also featured in our top 10 for the local comp.

Congratulations to:
Anita Pope, Cassy McDonald, Emma Thomas, Jen Wrigley & Patty Djajaputra

It's now up to Challengers across the globe to cast their votes to reveal the winner of the Megaformer Challenge 2017 global competition. Watch this space! 


Why 15 sessions? Lagree Fitness is transformative and will have you burning without the burn out. Read more.  


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