Client testimonial from Evelyn...our Megaformer Challenge 2017 runner up!


The Megaformer Challenge really showed us the amazing results you can achieve with Lagree Fitness. A transformation of both body and mind! 

Evelyn Abadines won a LA Fit 4 classes per week membership as runner up! Her results blew us away, losing 7% body fat and 21.5cm across her measurements. 

Full Name:   Evelyn Abadines
Results:    Lost 7% body fat, 0.5kg and 21.5cm across measurements
Age:    34
Membership:    Challenge pack for May (15 sessions in the month). Current weekly sessions: 2/week
Occupation:    Lawyer


Congrats on your incredible results with the Megaformer Challenge! You signed up for our New Client Special a week or so before and then rocked the Challenge. What made you join our 110 other entrants? 

I had just moved to Perth and was feeling a little lost in terms of exercise, being in a new city and not having my support network nearby. I needed a boost and thought the Challenge would help me with my confidence in all aspects of my life in Perth.

15 sessions in one month works out to a class every second day. Commitment! How did you stay focused?

It was hard to stay focused especially as I had 2 trips to Adelaide AND an anniversary weekend in Margaret River. However, I was determined to do well and to get my fitness back on track so I did my best to get to almost all classes (consecutive days were a killer!).

Whilst you only lost 0.5kg on the scales, you lost 7% body fat AND 21.5cm in measurements. Bin those scales girl, it’s all about how you look and feel! How did your body shape change from the Challenge?   

Absolutely!! The results definitely prove that scales aren't everything. I feel super strong and my shape has changed dramatically since the Challenge - I now have a waist (again) and a flatter stomach!! Oh, and those lunges are helping with my work on achieving a bubble butt!! Haha

Did you notice any other positive effects on your body that surprised you?

I found my sleep patterns improved, my walk to/from the bus stop was no longer a pain and clothes definitely started looking and feeling better. 

Our resident nutritionist Kelley Sloan put together a killer nutrition plan! Did you stick to it and how did you find the recipes? 

I stuck to it as closely as possible - with the travel to Adelaide it wasn't possible to cook for myself but I definitely made a conscious effort to make good food choices.

During the Challenge, did you also experience a mind transformation? 

I did. My mindset at the start of the Challenge was worrying but with making better choices, making connections at the studio, focusing on the good rather than the bad was refreshing. 

What do you love about the working out on the Megaformer and training at LA Fit Studio?

Every workout is intense and different and always pushes me to my limit. Training at LA Fit Studio is brilliant - everyone is so friendly and encouraging. 

If you could share any tips on staying motivated, what would they be?

  • We only get one body; no do overs, so best look after it! 
  • I know it's hard now, but you'll thank yourself later! 
  • Think of all the shopping you'll do for a new wardrobe! 

Megaformer Challenge starts on 1 May! Get in the shape of your life and win big.


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