Client testimonial from Patty... how the Megaformer got me back into those jeans


Lagree Megaformer Reformer Pilates Testimonial

(L-R) Lagree instructor Kelley Sloan, Lagree addict Patty Djajaputra, LA Fit Directors Jaye Cuypers and Claire Chidgzey

Two weeks before the Megaformer Challenge kicked off, Patty Djajaputra completed her first Lagree session. Although those first few classes were killer, Patty craved a fitter, more positive and more confident version of herself. She signed up to the Challenge to complete 15 sessions in 31 days and never looked looked back. 

Patty lost an incredible 6.2kg and 18.5cm across her measurements. AND she is back into THOSE jeans that had been hiding away in her wardrobe!

Full Name:   Patty Djajaputra 
Results:    Lost 2.9% body fat, 6.2kg and 18.5cm across measurements
Age:    39
Membership:    Challenge pack for May (15 sessions in the month). Current weekly sessions: 2/week


Congrats on taking out 3rd prize with the Megaformer Challenge! What was your motivation to join the Challenge? 

I tried the Megaformer for the very first time in my life, only two weeks before the Megaformer Challenge with the New Client Special.

The day after my first class, I dreaded walking up and down the stairs. I’m pretty sure I dropped a pen at work. Stopped. Look at the pen on the floor thinking… I can buy another pen tomorrow. That pen can stay there! Someone asked me how I was feeling after my first class, I responded with 'the only thing that was not sore was my nose, everything else is still very sore'.

Around three days before the Challenge started, I thought to myself that I wanted to give myself a kick-start to be a healthier version of me. A fitter me, a more positive me, a more confident me. I thought if I could feel all that pain in one session (which I see it as a good thing), I wondered how my body and my mind would change in a month. So that is when I made up my mind to join the Challenge. I found out about the prizes after I joined which motivated me even more. Like icing on the cake!

I told my partner that for the next month, I will be focusing on work (full time) and exercising. I know for some people, exercising is just like brushing teeth, it is a part of everyday life. That is where I want to be. I want to be the me who craves for exercise and be fit especially using a machine that improves your whole body in under one hour and yet so gentle that you would not hurt yourself. To me the Challenge came at a perfect time. 

15 sessions in 31 days is killer. Did your LA Fit mentor keep you on track with the new regime?

To be honest, during the first two weeks, there were days where I questioned my decision for joining the Challenge! I remember cancelling one class an hour before it started, then deciding to drag myself to class (I live in Ballajura and the class is in Subiaco) on that rainy Saturday morning. I had to explain to Jaz that I cancelled last minute but then changed my mind and wanted to still join her class if that was okay. I think that was my toughest time.

My mentor Kelley Sloan is an absolute gem! I told her that I am a bit of a sweet tooth. Okay okay... a mega sweet tooth! And quitting sugar is what I would like to do together with this challenge. She advised me to follow her food plan and I will be fine. She also mentioned that I may experience some withdrawal symptoms like headaches and/or being moody. Thank God she gave me a heads up. I actually had a meltdown (the ugly cry type) in week 2 because of quitting sugar. It was hard but Kelley kept me on track and explained to me that I should not see the meltdown as being weak but instead it is really the bad toxins that are leaving my body. I could not have gone through this if Kelley was not available for me to talk to at that time. She is an angel!

I challenged myself and actually did 16 sessions during May! I could only do a back to back days of training towards week four though. That challenge to add one more on top of the 15 classes is more of a mental challenge for me to see if I could overcome my mind. And I did!! 

You lost 18.5cm in measurements and 6.2kg, amazing work! How did your body shape change from the Challenge?

I cannot describe my feelings during the four weeks of the Challenge. I knew my body started to change after my first class but only I could see that. During the first week, again only I could see the changes. During the second week, people close to me started noticing the changes. During the third week, people at work were asking me what am I doing to change my body shape. I told them about LA Fit and to sign up for New Client Special... which they did! During the fourth week, my friend who is a personal trainer asked if she could try the class as she really noticed the difference in me. Not just physically but mentally as well. I am just a more positive and happy person! 

After the last measurements were taken, I took out my old jeans that used to fit me but were too small. It took me by surprise that I could actually put it on and button my jeans and I could still pull the waste line to create a gap at the waist. That simple thing just made my day!! My belly was much much smaller and flatter, my thighs and arms are leaner and I am stronger! I love love love the changes!

Did you notice any other positive effects on your body that surprised you?

Not only did my body change for the better on the outside, but it also changed for the better on the inside! With the food plan (and I try to eat organic food as best as I can), and the exercise, even our doctor that we are seeing told me to keep up whatever I am doing in the month of May. What surprised me the most is how fast my body heals itself. I mean all I have to do is to feed myself the right food, turn up to class and my body will just fix itself. I love it!

Your mentor and resident nutritionist Kelley Sloan put together a killer nutrition plan! Did you stick to it and how did you find the recipes? 

I tried to stick to it as much as I could. The first week, I could not do the exact recipe and so I gave myself a simple rule (which I checked with Kelley of course). I either follow Kelley’s food plan or alternatively I tell myself... if it doesn’t grow, don’t eat it! That method of thinking works well for a person like me who always have a full schedule ahead. It's a simplified way to think about what is good for me. Week three and four I followed her nutrition plan to a tee. 

During the Challenge, did you also experience a mind transformation? 

Most definitely. I don’t know exactly when this happened but I went from not liking the soreness to loving the soreness and pushing myself even more during class. I think doing classes that many times teaches me that when I want to give up, it's my mind that wants to give up. My body can still handle it. It teaches me to push myself a little bit more each time I am about to give up. So I say yes on the mind transformation. 

If we were to run another challenge are you game? We can’t wait to have you join the next one! 

Count me in!! 

What do you love about training at LA Fit Studio?

All of the trainers are so great... I have never enjoyed working out so much! I love how attentive they are to each and everyone of us. Love the motivational talks during the workout or the zen talk about the mind and the body. It’s like having a support team all around you. I love it! Plus the fact that I work just down the road means I can squeeze in a quick workout and I have no excuses not to. It's painful yes but I do see results so it's definitely worth it!

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