Why LA Fit Studio is the best boyfriend you’ll ever have


Rhythm Ride Spin RPM Testimonial

Do you recognise this blonde beauty? Clare Mesure is one of our members and also our resident activewear model! Since joining in May 2016, Clare has fallen in love... with LA Fit Studio!

You once said to our co-founder Claire… ‘LA Fit Studio is like my boyfriend’. What makes LA Fit such a damn fine partner in crime?

Hahaha… I laugh but sadly it’s true! LA Fit is my boyfriend… I’m there 4-5 times a week doing Megaformer, Ride and RideMega. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions… excited, energised and motivated, or on the flipside hangry and tired. That’s a relationship right?! 

The LA Fit Team are awesome, every single one of the trainers and staff have amazing personalities. I come to do a workout but I also come to see my friends. I am all for meeting new people and I have definitely done that at the studio. My home away from home!  

You’ve gone from a Lagree lover to a rhythm Ride addict! Did our combo class MegaRide give you a taste of what it’s like to mix up your training?

I definitely became a Ride addict when the first classes started up at Highgate. I was going 4 times a week! I love the fact that you are doing it to the beat of the music, it is so motivational especially when your fave track comes on!

I love the cardio and that high you get after class! I wanted to incorporate weights back into my workout again, so I decided to do the Megaformer Challenge and now have a new love for Lagree again! 

I am now balancing my classes and do a mixture of everything. My week is generally 2x Megaformer, 2x Ride and 1x RideMega. It’s the perfect mix and I’m able to target different areas.

How did you find your first Ride class?

My first Ride class was with the amazing Morgan. I have been on a spin bike before so it was easy to set up however Morgan was there to help if I had any questions. I was rather nervous as I had only been on the spin bike at the gym. No fancy moves there!  

The lights turned off and we kicked off with warm up tracks to set the mood (see why LA Fit is like my boyfriend?). I felt the burn straight away but with incredible tunes pumpin’ it makes you forget that feeling! I never thought you could dance on a spin bike but I DID. We were doing tap backs, push ups and low riders… (Ride lingo).

I think Ride classes would suit any level of fitness as there is no pressure. You go at your own pace. I love pushing myself ‘til I’m a sweaty mess. Those post Ride endorphins give you the best feels after a class. Definitely worth it!

Have you noticed a change in your fitness since doing Ride?

I have noticed a difference with my body doing rhythm Ride as it’s helped me become leaner. The more I go, the more I am able to go harder and faster without struggling.

Have you noticed a change in your body since joining LA Fit?

A few months before starting at LA Fit last year, I had an operation that stopped me from doing any exercise for 10 weeks. I was basically starting my fitness all over again. I am more stronger, toned and happier with my body then I have ever been in the past! 

You’re basically the face of LA Fit… thanks for making our activewear look so good! Modelling is certainly a tough industry. Has LA Fit helped with your confidence when strutting in a bikini? 

Thanks for having me be a part of the team and I love wearing all the activewear which is dangerous as I am always buying something new. Modelling can be ruthless but these days I do it for fun! LA Fit Studio has boosted my confidence with my body... I’m the healthiest I have been in a long time!

If someone was a little unsure about giving LA Fit's rhythm Ride a go, what would you say to them? 

DON’T BE! Ride is what you make of it, you can either push yourself or start slow but if you are dedicated you will see change in your body quickly! I think you would be silly to not give it a go at least once!

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