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Rhythm Ride spin classes

There are a few decisions to be made before you get to your Ride class:

What day should I go?
Before work or after work?
Highgate or Subiaco?
Will my boss notice me leaving a few minutes early?
My trusty black tights or new Dead Studios?

Finally, you’ve made it to the studio. You’re dressed, you’re ready to burn upwards of 800 calories, and have an awesome time while doing it. You’ve dropped your belongings in the locker and you enter the Ride room -- the blue-lights and pumping beats get you energized for an awesome workout. Your last decision to be made before your 45 minute journey: where to sit?

Maybe you’ve never given it a second thought and maybe it’s something the gives you a moment of anxiety before each class.

Do you sit next to your friend? In view of the instructor? Near the fan? Near the exit?

There is a bit of method to the madness -- let us explain:

Front Row
middle section

The Front Row holds some of the same prestige as it does in the fashion world: usually reserved for those in the industry.

If you sit in the Front Row, you've likely been riding with us for awhile. You understand how to ride on the beat and you mirror the instructor’s feet and choreography. If you sit in one of the middle two bikes of the front row, the “Boyfriend” bikes, you're even more intune with the instructor’s cues.

Not in any way meant to be exclusive -- but the Front Row’s precision of pace is counted on by the instructor to help the Back Row.

Back Row
middle section

The Back Row is the perfect place for newbies. You can see the instructor head on and mirror them and you have the experienced riders in front of you who you can follow. You may also feel a little less on display which is comforting when you’re in your first few classes.

Also a great place to be if you’re going to do your own thing that class -- whether it be because of an injury and you need options, or you’re having a day where showing up was half the battle and you just want to pedal along and enjoy the music. You can take what you need in each moment as it comes and not worry about being on the beat as much.

Left Side/Right Side
bikes on the outer edges of the front and back row

If you’re sitting on the sides, you are becoming comfortable with your practice. It can be harder to follow the beat with just verbal cues, but your sense of rhythm is on-point so you don’t need to see instructor head on or have another rider in front of you to follow.

But the most important thing to remember: these are just suggested guidelines! And if you ever have any concerns before class, whether it be seating arrangement-related or otherwise, talk to your instructor. They aren’t just there for you the 45 minutes you are in class, but from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave.


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