What the hell is Lagree? By Where The Styled Things Are


Adelle Cousins on the Megaformer

Adelle Cousins “KEEPS IT REAL”. Her blog, Where The Styled Things Are, is a fusion of fitness, fashion and fun. No calories are being counted, no fad diets are being trailed – she just eats well, indulges once in a while and keeps up a fitness regime. You can see why we liked her instantly!
Adelle has posted a few photos with us on Instagram lately. After being stopped more than a few times by readers “in the real world” asking the common question “What the hell is Lagree?” she thought it was time she posted about it.
Our favourite quotes include:
Soooo, what the hell is Lagree??? Simple answer is, Pilates on steroids! 
Getting upper body strength was my goal 18 months ago, I think I have done well to get where I am however Lagree has definitely kicked it up a notch.
The Megaformer machine  gives you more control and stability, meaning you will push yourself harder because you have a little bit of support while you are doing your work out. 
Give it a go. Test your strength, build some abs, and trial this great work out.
Want to find out for yourself why Lagree is pilates on steroids?
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