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Client testimonial Ellana Fico

1.       Were you working out before you started the Megaformer Challenge? If so, what were you doing?

Yes I was working out at gym doing the occasional pump or cycle class. I also play netball on Monday nights. I had not really got into a good pattern of exercising and used to lack motivation to go to the gym. 

2.       Why did you want to take part in the challenge?

I wanted to try a new style of exercise. Committing to the challenge for 4 weeks sounded like the perfect opportunity to get a good grasp on Lagree and see what it could do for my body.

3.       You were brand new to LaFit – how did you feel in week 1?

I definitely felt quite sore in my glutes after the first couple of sessions. I felt pretty weak doing some of the moves and holding some of the positions. It is great that each class is unique, you never do the same mixture of moves in  the same order twice. Everyone at the studio is so welcoming and they make a real effort to get to know you.

4.       And how were you feeling by week 4?

By week 4 I felt like I had a good grasp on Lagree. I have tried many different types of exercises classes before but Lagree was something I didn't grow bored of after fitting in 15 sessions in the month. It's also a good type of exercise where you can mentally zone out from the world and feel relaxed after a class. 

5.       Where did you notice the most improvement?

It was actually pretty amazing because I hadn't lost any weight but had lost body fat and my measurements were a good bit smaller. I also noticed I am starting to get baby abs developing. It was great to get into a good rhythm with exercising. They say it takes 20 days to create a new habit. By committing myself for the month Lagree ended up being part of my morning routine 2-3 times per week. 

6.       How do you plan to keep fit now the challenge is over?

I still have a gym membership so I have mixed in Lagree with doing (Les Mills) Body Pump and cycle class. Netball is restarting soon too. There is definitely nothing like Lagree at regular gyms so that why I am really enjoying having it part of my exercise mix. 

7.       Would you recommend LaFit Studio to other brides-to-be?

Most definitely! Lagree is for any level of fitness. Its perfect for toning. It is a type of exercise that works you out really well but doesn't over stress your body like some exercises can. The other good thing is it is whole body targeted so you are never just focusing on just one muscle group.  

Ellana Fico client at LaFit Studio

Ellana escalator lunge at LaFit Studio

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