Client testimonial from Lauren Rogers... got 30 days to make a change?


Got 30 days? That's all it takes to transform your body and mind. 

Lauren Rogers took her very first Lagree Fitness class back in May on the first day of Megaformer Challenge. She hasn't looked back!

After Challenge, Lauren kept it up with 2 classes per week and is now killing it during this month's Ride Challenge. She's 12 classes down outta 20 and taking her cardio up to the next level. 

We took 5 with Lauren to chat about how Megaformer Challenge was exactly what she needed to kick start her wellness journey. 

How did you find out about Megaformer Challenge?
Before the Challenge I’d heard of LA Fit, but I’d always been too scared to try it. I’d looked at the introductory offer maybe 20 times and never actually committed until I saw the Megaformer Challenge on a friend’s Facebook post. I decided it was the right time!

What was your fitness routine like before?
Routine would be a very strong word to describe my fitness before Challenge! I had been seeing a physio and taking some reformer pilates classes but I was in no way committed to anything I was doing. The most cardio I was doing would be a walk in Hyde Park, with a long stop at Chu Bakery. 

What was it that made you think - why the hell not!
Before Challenge started, I was really feeling rubbish about myself, I had been suffering from chronic migraines and had stopped exercising all together, leading to weight gain and depression. Over the two years it took to medicate and control the migraines I think I lost a sense of myself and doing things for myself.  I think I was just ready to stop making excuses and do something positive and create a routine for myself. The positive effects have been absolutely immeasurable not to mention the actual measurable outcomes.

Why did Megaformer Challenge appeal to you over other fitness challenges/workouts?
I loved the fact that the Challenge was 30 days, it felt like it was a long enough time to see results, but not long enough that I would struggle with boredom. It felt achievable to complete 15 classes in 30 days and it was, I didn’t miss a single class and I felt myself getting stronger with every session.

The nutrition plan and extra support was amazing too, along with the induction where LA Fit’s instructor Kelly Dalby explained the necessity of focussing on not just movement through the classes but also wellness everyday and occasional indulgences. It really rounded out the program and made me aware that I do much better when there is no focus on restriction, instead the focus was on health and wellness.  

So Megaformer Challenge…
I learned a lot during the challenge.

Over the 30 days I lost almost 5 kilos and lost cms all over, my jeans are fitting better but more important than that I feel strong. My posture has improved immensely and thanks to countless chest openers I feel like my office forward slump is being slowly cured. 

The physical transformation has been amazing but I think that the emotional journey was actually much greater, carving out 45 minutes 3 times a week to do something purely for myself has been amazing. I ended up getting a membership the second the challenge ended because I wasn’t quite ready to have it finish. 

How are you feeling now?
I’m still feeling great, I now go to class twice a week and I am really enjoying the progression in my fitness. I’m just so glad that I undertook Megaformer Challenge to kick start this journey.

What do you love about LA Fit Studio?
I love everything about the studio, having been to various gyms, yoga studios and pilates classes in the past it’s really hard to find a place that feels like home. There is something that makes you feel very vulnerable returning to exercise after a break and never at LA Fit Studio did I feel like I was being judged or criticised for my lack of fitness. Every instructor I have had is so friendly and welcoming, they push you to be better and to challenge yourself for those 45 minutes and I think I may be addicted.  

And now... Ride Challenge! GO YOU! 
I can't wait to check back in with you guys after Ride Challenge... watch this space!


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