Megaformer Challenge... WK 4 what's your story

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LA Fit Studio Megaformer Challenge

Our Lagree Fitness trainer and Megaformer Challenge mentor Kelly Dalby gets you to ask the big question...

What's your story? 

It's Week 4, not quite the home stretch, but still 10 full days to make a difference. That's a whole lot of opportunity if you ask me! 

Let’s take a look at the Challenge as if it were one big experiment and gather your data from the past 3 weeks.

You came into Challenge with a fairly good idea of who you are, but over several classes, a few weekends, perhaps some social engagements and ‘your’ version of the meal plan... 

  • What have you noticed about yourself? 
  • What stories do you commonly tell yourself?

You know exactly what I'm talking about! It’s those choices we justify on and off the Megaformer. The habits so strongly ingrained that we just act before we even realise we had a choice. If you were your own mentor, what would you tell yourself? Speaking of your mentor, are you communicating with them, or is that one of your stories ‘I can do this alone’. 

You know yourself better than anyone! You have been there right? At every class you attended, you performed every repetition, you were there every time you did the food shopping, every time you created a meal and every time you put something in your mouth. It may sound obsessive… but it’s important to note that's a lot of moments to be present for.

You are not the same person today as you were on 1 May! Who knows who you will be on the 31st. In Week 4, look back, gather your data from the past few weeks and ask yourself:

  • How is that going for me?
  • Does my behaviour match my why?

… and decide NOW what you will do differently in Week 4. 

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