Sheonagh shares "Why I recommend LaFit to my friends over 50"


Sheonagh exercising at 60

Our beautiful client, Sheonagh had a big birthday this month! She chatted with Jill about how working out at LaFit has her in the shape of her age 60!

1.    How did you hear about LaFit and what (or who) drove you to come try it out?

My daughter, Samantha, heard about a new type of exercise called Lagree and asked me to go along with her to try it out. She said it is like "palates on steroids" and would help me get toned for her wedding. The wedding was last December and we love Lagree so much that we are still addicted to two classes per week and we are so thrilled to be founding members. I thought that I would be the oldest in the class. I arrived at my first class and was surrounded by younger, leaner ladies. Not for long though, in one of Jacinta's classes she made a (very positive) example of me by pointing out that the only one doing the Catfish UNMODIFIED was a lady in her late fifties.

2. How does it compare to other fitness activities you have done/are doing?

I have done all types of exercises over the last forty years. Aerobics, Body Step, Body Pump, circuit training, weights, I even tried Spin. And the list goes on… None of the above have given me the result that Lagree has and in such a short space of time. I feel fitter than I was in my thirties and am now 60 years old.

3. What does a typical day look like for you? 

As I work from home my time is pretty flexible.  I walk 5 kilometres most mornings, do Lagree twice a week and yoga a couple of times too, so my days are pretty full. I have two grandchildren whom I love to babysit and my daughter Samantha is now 20 weeks pregnant (and still doing Lagree).  I also do a fair bit of voluntary work so can ONLY fit in two classes of Lagree per week. I would love to go back to the ADDICTS membership three times per week. 

4. Have you felt differences in your bodyt since you started at LaFit? Tell us about them. 

Not only do I feel healthier and much more flexible, my body is in so much better shape. I wish I could show you a before and after. I have not lost a huge amount of weight on the scales but have definitely changed shape. So much so that when my friends comment on how healthy, fit and younger I look I just tell them to come along to Lafit and try a couple of classes. You'll be hooked.  For a while I kept a couple of the LaFit pamphlets in my bag to give them.

5. Would you recommend LaFit to your peers? 

I feel I can recommend Lagree to my friends and colleagues of any age and it is good to see that there are now more people my age coming along.   

6. And lastly, what are your birthday plans??  

I am going to celebrate by birthday with breakfast at Davveros in Floreat with my husband, kids and grandchildren and I am so looking forward to my birthday dinner. Degustation at a Perth restaurant called 1907.   It's great to be 60!

If, like Sheonagh, you're over 50 and want a workout that's tough enough to strengthen and tone your body without impact on your joints then come give Lagree at LaFit a go!

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