How Lagree Fitness combines the intensity of weight lifting and CrossFit with the lengthening and sensitivity of yoga


If you've read into the science behind Lagree Fitness, or taken one of our classes at LaFit Studio, you know the Megaformer hits every element of physical fitness.
If you aren't sure, you need to check out this client testimonial video. When real clients give testimonials like these it's pretty hard to ignore:
"Sebastien (Lagree) has found a way to take away all the impact so you get the intensity of weight lifting and CrossFit, but with the lengthening and sensitivity of yoga"
"Three times a week is all you need. If you like your other exercise, this is the only system that enhances everything else you do!"
"You get your cardio, you get your core, you get your weights, and you get that lengthen and strengthen so your end result is that long, lean physique you're looking for."
"I feel an absolute sense of accomplishment, and that mind body is being pushed to a limit I've never experienced before."
Real clients, real quotes, real results. If you're ready to push your limits and see just what your body is capable of, you can work out on the Megaformer at LaFit Studio.
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