Fad = Fat. Uh huh honey, it’s true!

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Fad = Fat

Our resident nutritionist and lagree trainer, Kelley Sloan, uncovers the hard truths on fad diets.

Nutrition is the cornerstone of good health. What we put inside our body shows on the outside.

There are so many quick fixes for weight out there but the safe and permanent way to reduce your weight and gain a healthier and happier you is eating REAL food in the right amounts.

Fad = Fat

We all strive for certain goals with our fitness and the way we want our bodies to look. If you are trying to lean up, then weighing yourself is a total waste of time. The number on the scale doesn't reflect anything about your overall health or muscle mass. Focusing on that number, or trying to achieve a particular number on the scales, can cause people to use fad diets or unsafe products or to eat so little that they’re not consuming enough calories to lose any weight (Yes you read that right! More on that later…)

You’ve all seen the shakes, pills and powders that are out there that claim to cleanse your system and reduce your weight and give you a new body… well they don’t. In the short term they reduce your calorie intake and your weight does drop but these products are filled with all kinds of chemicals that ultimately clog and bind your system so that when you do go back to eating real food - and everyone always does! - the kilos come back, and due to the chemical makeup of these supplements, usually with a couple of extra kilos (it’s how they get you to buy their product again).

Fruits and vegetables have natural detoxifying and weight loss properties that safely give your liver a helping hand to clear your system of nasties. Every fruit and vegetable has a different job in helping our system to thrive and once you know which one does what, food will be all you need to be a lean, mean, Lagree machine.

Plus the jury’s still out on the effect these products have on the body long term. So forget the fads and stick with food!

Not all fat is created equal...

So if you asked pretty much anybody what to do to lose weight they would say to reduce your calories, right?

Well that’s just not the case for a lot of people, especially all of us out there who exercise and watch what we eat but still aren’t getting the results we’re looking for.

Often the issue is that you're not eating enough of the right food for your body to burn any calories. Sounds crazy I know! But our bodies have this amazing way of stepping in and protecting us when they feel we’re making bad decisions and doing what it takes to keep us going in our busy lives.

Bottom line is if you don’t give your body something to burn it doesn’t allow you to work into the deeper layer fat stores and start chipping away at those stubborn spots, it does the opposite, and holds onto our fat not knowing when it’s going to get fed again. Starving yourself will not get you a bottom like Bundchen or abs like Alba anytime soon. Protein, good fats and healthy carbohydrates will do that job for you.

Megaformer Challenge is where we put all this into practice and eat REAL food to get REAL results. Let’s do this!!

Kelley xx

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