Meet Our Dedicated Client Sonia Barrett...



Sonia Barrett has been with LA Fit since 2016. She’s attended nearly 400 classes in this time, doing a mixture of Megaformer and Ride.

A shining example of fitness consistency and how to keep up a routine, Sonia dutifully attends three classes a week.

We love having her bubbly personality at the studio – it’s a ray of sunshine for all the staff and members. 

We caught up with Sonia to see how she balances work, parenthood and fitness, and why she loves LA Fit.

You’re in your third year at LA Fit. What keeps you coming back?

The staff at LA Fit are friendly, professional and down-to-earth. Jaye and Claire have created a welcoming environment with classes that are low impact and high intensity. I only do 3 classes a week.  They're 45 minutes per class and I get amazing results. I never get bored because every class has a different routine which keeps me on my toes and going back for more.

What changes – physical and emotional – have you noticed since attending?

I got my waist back! I love the fact that my body is more lean and toned. Feeling strong and fit gives me the strength and focus to face any challenges in my life.

You do both Megaformer and Ride classes. What do you like about each class?

Megaformer - I love the focus on the slow and steady movements, as well as the form and technique.

Ride - It's dancing on a bike! Such a fun yet hard workout!

We often see you get the shakes in Mega. Do you always push yourself beyond your limits?

(Laughing). When I get the shakes, I’m certainly not thinking I’m doing well! However, I think it’s part of my nature to push myself beyond my limits. 

You’ve done over 300 classes. How do you balance work, parenthood and fitness?

Wow! I’m surprised I’ve done that many! Juggling so many balls in my life, I’ve discovered the best way to instill balance is to prioritise and be organised. Doing classes at LA Fit is one of my main priorities, so I make time for it.  

Any tips for those of us struggling with class consistency?

Great question! My suggestion is to set yourself realistic goals and break down those goals into bite size pieces. Think about your final goal, but begin with small actionable steps. For example, start with one class per week for one month and notice how you look and feel. Then create another goal, and so on. I accept that classes will be challenging so I set an intention for each class I do. What keeps me coming back is asking myself:

  • How much do I want it? 
  • What will it take for me to achieve my goals? e.g. look good in my skinny jeans
  • How do I want to feel?

For a daily reminder, I have a cut-out image of Elle McPherson in her bikini from each decade (since her 20s). She’s now in her 50s and still looks amazing! The image is blu-tacked to the inside of my pantry door, to remind me to keep on track. 

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