Afterburn. How your LA Fit workout keeps you burning all day long

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We all know that Ride and Megaformer pack a punch during each 45 minute session, fatiguing your muscles, bringing buckets of sweat, and burning hundreds of calories. But did you know that the calorie-burning benefits continue well after you’ve packed up and walked out the door?

What is afterburn?

This process of continued calorie burn is called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), more commonly known as “afterburn”.

It’s exactly what its long-winded name suggests: the oxygen your body uses (burns) to bring your metabolism back to its pre-workout state (your resting metabolism). Your body is using this oxygen as fuel (adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, in science terms) for your muscles to use during exercise. 

Why should I care?

Many studies have found that there is a strong relationship between the intensity of an exercise and the number of calories consumed during your afterburn. The more intense the workout, the more oxygen your body needs to consume afterward, and therefore the more calories used. Our bodies respond more to the intensity of a workout rather than the duration. 

In one study, participants who cycled vigorously for 45 minutes (a.k.a. a normal sesh in the LA Fit Ride room) burned nearly 200 calories more in the 14 hours after exercise than on days when they didn't work out at all. Yew!

And the entire principal of Lagree Fitness is based on the fact that people don’t need more exercise to get fit, they just need more intensity (quality over quantity). Post Megaformer, you will continue to burn calories much faster for several hours after your class.

So, we got you team. Not just in the 45 minutes you spend with us, but for most of your day to follow. 

Ok, let's burn baby burn...

You're here, you're pumped and you've got 800 calories and 45 minutes to burn (+200cals when you get home). What are you waiting for?

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