How I got back into exercise after having my baby

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How Claire got into shape after her baby

I recently joined HIF's Healthy Lifestyle blog as a guest blogger. For my first post, they asked me to share with their readers how I got back into shape after having baby Inez.
Many clients have asked me this, so it was a question I had been wanting to answer on our own blog for ages...if you're a mum, you'll understand why it took me nine months to write it...
We are all different, with different bodies, different birth stories and different family situations that may affect our ability to exercise once we become mothers, but these are the tips that worked for me:
  1. Unless you have a medical reason not to exercise during pregnancy, it will definitely help you bounce back faster!
  2. Take adequate time for your body to heal and do not commence exercise without clearance from your doctor and/or women's health physiotherapist
  3. Ease back into things with walking - then walk EVERYWHERE, any chance you get!
  4. Rejoin your favourite fitness class but be sure to advise your instructor that you are post natal so she/he can give you appropriate modifications.
  5. Listen to your body and stop immediately if you feel any discomfort.
  6. Lessen the intensity of core exercises through modifications to avoid worsening any separation of the abdominals (and avoid supine crunches).
  7. If you experienced hip or pelvic pain during your pregancy, avoid split stance exercises until your hips stabilise and relaxin levels lower to normal
  8. Take turns with your partner working out and watching the baby
  9. Work out with a friend! It is more fun and will make you more likely to stay committed
  10. Getting out and about is not only important to your physical health, but it is essential to your mental and emotional wellbeing. If you are lacking energy, try a gentle walk or yoga class.
  11. That said, some days you just need to give yourself a break and REST.
If you're a mum and you'd like to get fit, have more energy, and feel a million bucks we'd love you to join us for Lagree Fitness classes at LaFit Studio.
xx Claire xx
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