How to Hurdle Fitness Obstacles Like a Pro as a New or Expecting Mum

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Avoiding fitness obstacles as a new mum

I often have clients express concern about how to keep up their awesome progress at the studio after falling pregnant. The future arrival is exciting, but the impending changes to their bodies and lifestyle seem to throw up new barriers to their workout routine.
In my second blog post for the HIF Healthy Lifestyle blog I wanted to share some of the more common barriers and some tips for getting over them! 

Obstacle 1: Conflicting information about exercising when pregnant

Unless there is a medical reason otherwise, exercising while pregnant is safe, prepares your body for birth and motherhood, and will make you feel great.  

  • Stay hydrated
  • Avoid overheating
  • Avoid any risk of falling over or injuring the stomach.
  • Always listen to your body! Stop if you feel ANY discomfort
  • ALWAYS advise your instructor you are pregnant 
Obstacle 2: Aching back during pregnancy

Injuries aside, low impact exercise will usually help a sore back rather than hinder it. 

  • Make a physiotherapy appointment to identify the cause of the discomfort and follow her/his advice on how to manage it
  • Find a lower impact alternative like swimming, yoga or Lagree Fitness!
  • As your pregnancy progresses so will your limitations. If something hurts, stop. 
  • Pregnancy modifications will make most exercises possible. Ask your instructor. 
  • Always move slowly and with control to protect your spine and joints 
Obstacle 3: Morning sickness

Maintaining your blood sugar levels and a healthy diet of fresh, whole foods will help prevent that nauseated feeling.

  • Eat something light and nutritious before and after exercise
  • If a certain position makes you feel ill, stop and ask your instructor for a modification
  • if you need to take a break or finish early, no harm done

Obstacle 4: Tired and don’t have the energy to work out

This one starts in your first trimester and doesn't end for 18 years!

  • Schedule your workouts for the time of day when you usually have the most energy
  • Try a quick 10-20 minute power nap
  • A piece of fruit or handful of nuts will give you an extra boost  
  • If your regular fitness class seems a bit much try a bush walk, beach swim or a yoga class 
  • If you’re too wiped to work out on a particular day, accept it and see how you feel the next. 
Obstacle 5: No time to work out

Whether you’re a new mum and/or a lady boss, most people don’t have time to go to the gym five days a week.

  • You don't need more time, you need more intensity! 2-3 quality sessions are enough.
  • Make your workouts count by minimising rest periods to keep your heart rate up
  • Schedule your workouts like you would any other appointment
Obstacle 6: "I can’t afford my favourite fitness class now we’re on one income"

Does your partner support your health and fitness goals? If the answer is yes then together you can find a way to make it work. If you really can’t stretch the budget there are plenty of free options.

  • Fitness apps and Youtube workouts
  • Google “free fitness in [your city]” to find free community fitness programs
  • Get outside for a walk, jog or beach swim. Summer is here!
Obstacle 7: No babysitter
  • Find a gym or fitness studio with a crèche
  • Try a group exercise class for mums and bubs
  • Make a fitness play date with a friend. 
If you're a mum and you'd like to get fit, have more energy, and feel a million bucks we'd love you to join us for Lagree Fitness classes at LaFit Studio. And to all you pregnant ladies, if you've been working out with us before you got pregnant, you still can!
xx Claire xx
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