Client testimonial from Mei...why Lagree is the perfect alternative to competitive sport


LA Fit Studio testimonial from Mei

Mei Day is one of our long-standing members, joining in early 2015 soon after her first session with a group of friends. Here she shares how Lagree satisfies the competitive sportswoman in her, without exacerbating the damage her love of high impact sport has done over the years.

How did you find out about LA Fit?

I found out about LA Fit from a friend of mine, April, who knows Claire and Jaye. At the time I was looking to try and improve core strength to help with my back problems, and was keen to find a low impact way of keeping fit. I was told it was more challenging than pilates, and I was keen to find a new activity with a bit of grunt. It's a great mental challenge as well! 

 What is your favourite thing about Lagree?

Years of competitive netball has resulted in a knee reconstruction and lower back issues - and I was finding it hard to continue to play as much as I wanted to. It was really hard to find something that satisfied my love of competition, which challenged me, with out further damaging my lower back and knees. My favourite thing about Lagree is that it is zero impact, it's challenging, and it just produces the best results!

Have you noticed any changes to your fitness and body?

Yes! So many changes. I’ve actually gone from a 14 size jean to an 11, with completely no change in diet. It is a long term, maintainable form of lifestyle too.  I eat fairly healthily, so it was toning and strength that I was looking for. Lagree has certainly ticked these boxes. I'm much more muscle "dense", and am more toned. It has actually helped me on the netball court, undoubtedly! 

What are your Lagree goals (if any)?

My Lagree goals are to be as strong as I possibly can, to tone further, and to try and get through one of Jacinta's classes without having to stop! :)  Lagree has allowed me to achieve visual change without aggravating my knees and back, which I didn't think was possible. I want to be able to continue to be active as I get older, I'm aiming to be a fit mum for my son so I can keep up with him, and living an active lifestyle. I also want to be that lady who people look at when I'm 50 plus and think "wow, she's still able to play sport!”

How many days per week do you attend LA Fit, and what other exercise (if any) do you combine it with?

I do two sessions at LA fit and I play 1-2 games of netball in a week. 

 Q. We have noticed that you love our Activewear. What are your favourite brands, and what do you like about the current range (if anything)?

I love the activewear that LA Fit studio offers! It's the best range under one roof with regards to comfort, fit and style - especially if you want something different to what's in every gym! I love Mara Hoffman, and Lurve - the prints are fantastic, and they always get comments! 
Just to finish off, well done to all of you at LA Fit! With my work background in Podiatry, and working with Physiotherapists too, the amount of injuries we see coming from cross fit exercise is large. Your studio gives great results with no impact - meaning less injury. Age is no factor in coming to your studio, and the workout isn't a walk in the park. My husband also loves it - it's certainly not just for the women! Thanks for bringing Lagree to Perth :) 

If you, like Mei, are looking for a workout that will get results and accommodate your injuries then Lagree Fitness is for you. Become a Megaformer Member like Mei and bring your body back to its full potential!

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Mei Day at LaFit Studio


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