Welcome to Our New Megaformer Instructor...Kit

Team LA Fit

We are super excited to welcome a new Lagree Fitness instructor to Team LA Fit!

Kit Hodgson has been a client liaison at LA Fit for 7 months and now he’ll be bringing his A game to the Megaformer. 

Congratulations on your new role as Megaformer instructor! How does it feel?

One word. Awesome!

You made a career change from oil and gas, construction and landscaping, and decided to jump into fitness. What attracted you to it?

It was a serious decision to create a healthier lifestyle. I’m really keen to educate people, in particular those in FIFO type work, to start making better choices for their health and wellbeing.

You’re also a Personal Trainer. What’s your fitness philosophy?

  • Long term changes.
  • Not following fads or quick fixes.
  • Putting in the hard work to see the real changes over a long period of time.
  • Not beating yourself up if you fall, just using it as a learning opportunity.

What about LA Fit? How did you get involved with the team?

I used to do Lagree Fitness in Brisbane and fell in love with it. I moved back to Perth in August and reconnected with Claire and Jaye who had originally discovered Lagree in Brissy. Then it just all fell into place.

What was your first Megaformer class like and what benefits have you experienced since starting it?

Absolutely brutal! You can’t cheat the Megaformer. It will force you to get results.

What do you love about the class?

Fun and quick without any high impact movements. Not letting your body rest and challenging yourself to go further than you did last time.

What are you hoping to bring to Megaformer classes at LA Fit?

New energy and body awareness. Mind and body connection to muscle groups in a move.

Feel the burn with Kit.