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Juvelle Behrendorff with a Lagree-inspired workout

Juvelle Behrendorff is a strength and conditioning coach, accredited exercise physiologist and creator of local fitspo/fashion blog Running in Chanel. She's also a Lagree Addict and works out with us regularly at LaFit Studio.
When Juvelle travelled to Melbourne on hokiday recently she knew she couldn't live without Lagree for a. whole. week. So she created a Lagree-inspired workout to do in her hotel room. We love!
To simulate the gliding of the Megaformer Juvelle used gliding discs, but you can use a hand towel or plastic plates for the same effect. Remember to keep your movements slow and controlled just like you would in class.

Juvelle's at home workout


  1. Low lunge with kick (inspired by Runner's Lunge) - 2 minutes each side 
  2. Egg beater legs (inspired by Scrambled Eggs) - 2 minutes each side
  3. Push outs (inspired by Wheelbarrow) - 1 minute
  4. Leg Splits (inspired by Standing Inner Thighs) - 2 minutes
  5. Skater Lunge (inspired by Skating) - 2 minutes each side
  6. Plank to Pike (inspired by...Plank to Pike!) - 1 minute
  7. Hip Bridge with Extension (inspired by Mega Hamstring Curls) - 2 minutes
  8. Tuck with Leg Raise (inspired by One-Legged Bear) - 1 minute
  9. Pushout with Superman Arm (inspired by Saw to Pushup) - 1 minute
Next time you're stuck without a Megaformer give it a go. But if you're in Perth and ready to roll you know what to do...
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Category: Health and Fitness