Meet Stephen Walker... our Lagree Fitness instructor

Lagree Fitness

Meet Stephen Walker, our newest Lagree Fitness instructor to join the team! 

My fitness background...
Loving the challenge and competition of sports, it drove me into the disciplines and strength of martial arts and boxing which I’ve been doing since I was 12. This has complimented my strength and sprint training over the last decade, and enabled me to see the benefits to explosive intensity as well as slow twitch and muscular definition. 

Since becoming a PT, the focus has shifted to merge Pilates, yoga and mediation to provide the release that the body and the mind need to unleash the energy and strength in sessions, and throughout our lives. 

What do you love about Lagree Fitness?
I am addicted to anything that is humbling and a challenge.... and Lagree Fitness is exactly that.

When I’m not at LA Fit Studio
I’m playing music at home or performing with various bands around the country. Having studied at WAAPA, I incorporate my love for music in all my classes.

Lagree Fitness is like...
Your best workout in strength, stability, mobility, cardiovascular and fat loss all in one. You need all these concepts for the body to thank you, and it’s Lagree Fitness that makes this happen.

I love the fact that there is no rest or way of ‘cruising’ through a session and it demands everything for you, yet it’s safe for the body. The mind gets just as much of a workout and loves the end of a session when you get there.

Straight away my energy levels pick up after doing a class.

What do you love about LA Fit Studio?
It’s the communal energy and effort made by every staff member that makes this such a wholesome place to be. 

My favourite Megaformer move 
Too many to choose from! Any move that requires every muscle fibre to engage and break a sweat in 10 seconds.

My favourite Megaformer move to teach
Being a boxer and someone who lifts, I’ve realised the importance of shoulders and the rotator cuff group. Newspaper is definitely my favourite move for the reason it works on strengthening and stabilising the delt and rotator cuff group.

What are you looking to bring to LA Fit? 
My experience and knowledge for those need the guidance on their fitness journey and to develop my style and drive with the fellow trainers as a team to create something unique.

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