Home grown talent Fearless activewear now in store!


Fearless Activewear at LaFit Studio

The hot new activewear label, Fearless, has just landed at LaFit!

Being one of the most isolated cities in the world has its merits. Western Australia is renowned for producing huge talent in the fashion/arts trade. The fashion industry can be tight knit and jobs can be few and far between. This leads to many entrepreneurial individuals branching out and creating their own niche within the industry. Supporting local designers can in turn lead to economic and job growth for our emerging talent, and keep WA a state enriched with culture and stylish threads.

We chatted to Fearless creator Calum O’Connell to find out what motivated him to join the list of talented locals doing it for themselves.

What inspired you to launch your activewear line?

My inspiration came from my fitness background and just a general love for fashion. I’m not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination, but I thought why not take a risk and try to create something that makes people feel good with that little style element attached.

How long has the label been operating for?

The label is only 5 months old and very fresh to the activewear scene. But it seems to be growing slowly every day and I’m happy at the progress it has made so far in such a short time.

 Who do you design Fearless for?

Fearless is designed for any female that wants to wear something completely different from the norm. I designed the gear to be open to any body shape and look. I’ve been a big believer if you create something that everyone can relate too whether it’s look, feel or style then you are on the right track. I have listened to the feedback from a lot of females and hopefully created little elements that other brands don’t offer.

What is the biggest challenge that you have faced to date?

There are a few challenges that arise from any start up. Obviously trying to find and build a good relationship with a manufacturer that can produce the quality that I’m after. Being a male in a female dominant market. But the biggest would be going out on my own and taking a risk. It’s something that some days you feel like its too much, but I always believe that the hard work you put in now, you will be rewarded for later on.

What makes Fearless stand out? 

I wanted Fearless to offer something completely different and start to entice regular Lorna Jane and Lululemon buyers that there are other quality brands out there. I wanted to offer features that females wanted like high waisted tights, no see through fabrications, comfort etc. I’m always thinking about different design concepts and how that little bit of style can be added to the garments. Fearless Activewear will never follow the pack and that’s the message we want to portrait to our followers.

Where do you see Fearless in 5 years time?

Hopefully a well-respected brand locally in Perth and over in the East. And growing an international band of followers who love our garments, the background of the brand and embrace the Fearless lifestyle. 

Fearless black and gold legging
Fearless leggings $99

Fearless blue and gold legging
Fearless leggings $110

Fearless leggings $99

 Perth bloggers The Fit Club wearing Fearless
Perth's Fit club girls wearing Fearless

Love these looks? Love supporting local? Shop Fearless in store now at LaFit Studio.

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