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Monique Ceccato on the Megaformer

Little Miss Mon Bon is a fashion and lifestyle blog curated by Monique Ceccato, a twenty-something Perth based creative, content creator and social media specialist and ex-dancer.
If you follow Little Miss Mon Bon on Instagram, you would have seen quite a few snaps of Mon and her fellow #fitclubperth girls at LaFit. Six weeks into regular Lagree Fitness classes, Mon shared with her followers why Lagree appealed to the dancer in her.
Our favourite quotes include:
From the beginning, Lagree’s unique fusion of high intensity strength training and pilates was something that had me quite intrigued. I was always a lover of the controlled ballet techniques I learned in my dancing years, so workouts that promote strength and grace always garner my attention
 Lagree is an intense workout that has you exercising your balance and control by standing on, dragging and pushing a spring loaded platform. I say ‘intense’ because I have done it. I have done it once a week for six weeks and that qualifies me with an opinion. And, once again, my opinion is that it is ‘intense’.
From an outside perspective, the moves often appear to be rather small and insignificant, but let me tell you that that opinion could not be further from the truth! Surprisingly, it is the smallest moves that pack the most punch. 
Lagree is a challenge even for those who consider themselves to be fit and strong.
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