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At LA Fit Studio, we’re not basic. We don’t just have strength classes, we have Lagree Fitness -- total body conditioning, burning up to 800 calories in 45 minutes. We don’t just carry activewear, we offer brands totally on-point with the latest in athleisure. We don’t just hire fitness instructors, we source the best, brightest, and bubbliest in Perth’s fitness pool (don't just take our word for it, ClassPass members think so too!). And when we add bikes, we don’t just spin, we Ride

Ride RPM Spin Rhythm

The rise of the indoor cycling phenomenon

Ride, Spin, or RPM -- being on a stationary bike has long been touted as a great workout for anyone because it’s a high-intensity, yet low impact form of interval training. A number of large muscles are targeted, including glutes, hamstrings, quads, core, back, and shoulders, giving you a huge calorie burn without putting excessive force through the joints. And when your bike is fitted properly, the smooth circular motion prevents over-stretching of the muscles (always ask your instructor if you’re not sure). Even following an injury, the bike can be a great way to maintain fitness, strength, and flexibility during rehabilitation.

It’s also a great option for fitness newbies, not just seasoned gym rats, because you can count on the consistent fact that you’ll be on the bike -- the instructor does all the thinking regarding class set up - and you just ride. You can take what you need using the resistance dial, you are in control of your workout. You can listen to your body and adjust accordingly. Some days you may show up just to pedal and that’s ok! 

The basics apply to all forms of indoor cycling classes, so how does Ride stack up against RPM and Spin?

“Each class has personality to match the instructor. I love a good bass drop and I also love songs that make you feel like a badass with a good ass! I love riding as a pack -- there is nothing better than moving together, finding that beat as a team.”
-- Kelly Zarchekoff, Ride instructor

Ride is a community and culture being created in an exuberant atmosphere. The difference is noticeable as soon as you step into the room. Dim lighting and pumping music help guide your body on tempo, letting the beat assist you through the workout. Even though it’s you on your bike, we ride together. We push each other. And when we think we can’t go any further or harder, the music, the vibe, the beat finds us a way. 

“Ride keeps your body guessing as we change songs and sequence, unlike RPM where it's a set choreography for quite a while. It’s a feel-good-party on a bike”
-- Morgan Gail, Ride instructor

And what can you expect after class? 

Sweat, and lots of it. Riders will also become stronger, faster, increase their endurance and stamina, and cardiovascular health. With an engaged core, you’re working nearly your entire body. Your legs and butt will become firmer and more toned. Often, you will notice weight loss and just feel lighter. 

Of course it’s dependant on the individual, but if you come to class and give it your all, Ride’s calorie burn will rival the Megaformer, hovering around 800. And, a further bonus, with regular riding you will boost your metabolism and burn even more calories while at rest.

Most importantly, you will feel better. You’ll be riding that “cardio high” long after your walk out of the studio. And it's a real thing, people! Just ask our Ride addicts. At LA Fit, we don’t just focus on the physical -- it’s our mission to change you both inside and out. Come in, put your feet to the pedals, and move to the beat. You’ll leave feeling a million bucks. 

“Why do I Ride to a beat? There is something transformative about music: it can make you remember, forget or transport you to a different place and time. When you ride to the rhythm you allow your body and mind to connect and be taken on that journey."
- Zac Gower, head Ride instructor

Ride is Perth's first rhythm ride. Interval training disguised as a cardio party on your bike. Come and give LA Fit Studio a go with our New Client Special.

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