Client testimonial from Cassy...our Megaformer Challenge runner up!


Cassy our Megaformer Challenge runner up

Earlier this year, participants from 31 Lagree Fitness studios around the world took part in the Megaformer Challenge. 31 days to transform the body and mind over 15 sessions!

We spoke to our Megaformer Challenge runner up, Cassy McDonald, who achieved amazing results losing an incredible 5.1% body fat and 5.5cm across her measurements.

Full Name:    Cassy McDonald
Results:    Lost 5.1% body fat, 1.2kg and 5.5cm across measurements
Age:    28
Membership:    Challenge pack for May (15 sessions in the month). Current weekly sessions: 3/week
Occupation:    Public servant


We are so thrilled you joined the Megaformer Challenge, congrats on taking out 2nd place! What made you want to join the challenge?

The last year has been an absolute roller coaster. The great high of meeting my partner lead to finding out that what I thought was normal for my body could be another medical condition to add to my ‘collection’. And so, while undergoing treatment and ongoing testing, in the six months leading up to the challenge in May I’d done almost no exercise because of the way my body was reacting. Doing so little exercise was completely out of character for me and something I was trying to get on top of. The challenge was just what I needed to get back into a healthier routine.

15 sessions in one month works out to a class every second day. Commitment! What were your biggest hurdles during the challenge?

At the start of the month the biggest hurdle was how sore I was after each class being out of the habit of exercising. As the month progressed the challenge was to keep up the rate of classes, particularly as I started to come down with a bit of a cold in week 3.

You achieved awesome results .. a loss of 5.1% body fat is amazing! How did your body transform over the 31 days?

There was the physical transformation and a mental one. The mental one has had the most lasting effect. The message of mindfulness had the biggest impact on me – learning to be present in the experience and to have a positive outlook has stayed with me beyond getting back into regularly exercising. My goal to attend the 15 classes in a month and kick start my commitment to physical exercise was definitely achieved.

We found that committing to the challenge provided an opportunity to not only break bad habits but create new healthy ones. What did you notice on the challenge?

Once I’d got over the initial physical hurdle, I loved how much more energy I had from consistently exercising, something I’d really missed. One thing I didn’t do as part of the challenge was commit to the eating plan. I made a conscious decision, knowing my body and what it was going through, that making a change to both my exercise routine and diet would just be too much.
Now that I’m in a great place with my exercise routine and all I’m planning on doing is dialing it up, my next hurdle to tackle is being more mindful of my nutrition. 

How many times are you now tackling the Megaformer each week?

I’m currently doing three classes a week and plan to continue at that level. I’m also looking to add some yoga classes and HIIT back into my routine.

If you could share any tips on staying motivated, what would they be?

The first tip is to enjoy what you’re doing. Do what it is that you love and want to do; it’s not a commitment when you’re doing what you love. Surround yourself with positive influences and role models. Last of all stay positive, notice the little changes and cherish each achievement.

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Cassy McDonald at LaFit Studio

Cassy McDonald at LaFit Studio

Cassy McDonald at LaFit Studio





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