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Ride with the most motivational fitness instructor on the internet

Keith Thompson of KTX Fitness in Atlanta is heading to Perth!

3 - 12 August


KTX Fitness

Keith Thompson needs no introduction. His high energy rhythm ride classes have earned him 1Million + shares on YouTube.
Hailing from Ohio, Keith has gained celebrity status and transformed the fitness industry bringing his unique spin and infectious energy to his KTX Fitness studios in Atlanta.

You will leave pumped, inspired and on a damn good high! Get it.

LA Fit Studio

LA Fit Studio offers workouts you can't find anywhere else in Perth! They are unique, intense and get results fast. 
Home to heart-pumping Ride and exclusive licensee for Lagree Fitness with two conveniently located studios in Highgate and Subiaco.


Ride is Perth's first ever boutique rhythm ride. It's not just a community, it's a culture.
A high intensity indoor cycling class that burns up to 700 calories in 45 minutes, Ride is so much more than interval training... it's a party on your bike!

Ride with KTX Fitness

Whether you're a Spin fan from way back, cardio junkie or just love to party, Ride with KTX Fitness is the event to be at this Winter. Tell your friends.



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Ride with the most motivational fitness instructor on the internet for just $37.

Appearing at LA Fit Studio Subiaco and Highgate August 3 - 12, and at The Court on Sunday August 5.

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These classes will sell out quickly, so if you cannot make your reserved class time please cancel to enable someone on the waitlist to take your spot.
Ride with KTX Fitness pricing options are valid for classes with Keith Thompson from August 3 - 12. They expire on August 12, 2018 and are not transferable.