Megaformer Challenge Week 3 – I’m Stronger

Megaformer Challenge Week 3 – I’m Stronger

Each week during Megaformer Challenge our Mindfulness Coach Kylie Pearsall, better known as KP, will be sharing a juicy blog to keep you on track and motivated. Here's the low down for Week 3!

Welcome to Week 3. With the presence and body awareness we’ve cultivated in the first two weeks of the challenge, you’ll notice this week that you’re stronger than when you started in Week 1.

At Week 3 of your challenge your body has adapted to the movement patterns you’ve been learning on the Megaformer. As the movement patterns are now “grooved” into our bodies. We’ll be able to add springs, variations, or extra layers to the workout. Your instructors will up level your moves this week so be prepared to try some extra variations to keep progressing toward the changes you wanted to create when you started.

Some of you might be stiff and sore as we reach the mid-point of the challenge. It’s important to continue to build the body awareness from Week 2 into your workouts and be prepared to modify your workout if you need to! Also consider how you are managing your recovery. Have you made it to a Roll and Release class yet? Are you getting enough sleep? Do you need to mix things up this week by throwing a Ride class into your schedule? (Yes, your 1 Month Challenge Pass allows you to!)

Can you take a moment this week to pause and reflect on how far you’ve come already in three weeks? Moves that were so challenging in week 1 are now ready for an upgrade – and in many ways this challenge is exactly that – an upgrade of the operating system. You were always fabulous and now you’re choosing to be stronger and fitter with every effort you put in.

Let this be a reminder that ANY effort is NEVER wasted. Every effort counts if it moves the needle further in the direction of the changes you seek.

So keep up the good work. Keep showing up to class and putting in the best you have to give. Remember that the whole team are here to support you so if you need anything reach out to us! Your Facebook page for the challenge is also a great place to go for inspiration, recipes and to check in with your challenge community. You never know, someone might need to hear exactly what you have to share!

The meditation accompanying Week 3 is a breathing technique designed to boost energy and concentration.

Sometimes we just need a little extra focus to push us through.

Listen to Week 3 Meditation 


Megaformer Challenge Week 3 - I'm Stronger
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