Ride Challenge… Week 1 with KP

Ride Challenge… Week 1 with KP

LA Fit Studio Ride Challenge

Let's find your why and what SUCCESS means to you 

Our Ride instructor, Kylie Pearsall – better known as KP,  dishes out all the feels for Week 1.

Welcome to Ride Challenge 2018 (insert woop woop here)

Take a moment, right now to close your eyes.

To slow your breath.

Visualise what it is that had you sign up to the Ride Challenge this year… your reason WHY?

What do you want to have happen over the 5 weeks? At the end of the 5 weeks?

Why do you want that?

What will happen in your life if you have the results you seek?

Who will you know yourself to be at the end of the challenge? On the weekend of November 3/4?

Now write down the answers to these questions somewhere – a journal, the notes section of your phone, to refer back to later. Maybe choose an image to remind you of your why and make it the lock screen on your phone. Then you’ll have a powerful visual prompt to keep your WHY front and centre throughout your day.

Some of the goals that have been shared with me so far…

  • To complete an entire ride class without stopping
  • To lose some weight
  • To feel well
  • To create structure and habit around exercise
  • To be fitter, to keep up with my kids
  • To know myself as someone who can stick to a whole challenge and complete all of the classes and meal plans
  • To win đŸ˜‰

Consider what SUCCESS looks like for you – the most dots on the board? The new friends you’ll make in class? How great your ass will look by summer? đŸ˜‰

It will be different for everyone, everyone has their own success metric!

I’d like to share with you my WHY… If you’ve seen my video, you’ll know that on the bike is a place where I feel strong and powerful. Plus, I LOVE music.

The ride challenge for me is to take on something I have never done before, at a time of year when it will literally be challenging for me to make it to all the classes with other commitments and to see what’s possible at the other end. I might lose a little weight, I’ll definitely be fitter and stronger. And I plan to have a LOT of fun while doing it.

So my success metric is pretty simple. FUN, FITNESS and a little FAT LOSS. And a chance to FOLLOW THROUGH on the commitment I made by signing up.

Whenever you take on something that you’re not sure you can do, there’s an expansion that has to take place. You might have to spend more time preparing your meals, getting to bed earlier, getting up earlier, organising catch ups with friends around classes and any time that this seems overwhelming, remember WHY you started.

There’s something that you want that’s bigger than your discomfort in forming these new habits.

If there’s anything that’s coming up for you as a barrier to having a successful ride challenge, please reach out to the team and let us know. We are here for YOU, to get what YOU want out of the challenge!

Big love, see you on the bike,

KP xo


Don't forget we're holding FREE release classes for challengers during October.
Reduce tension and reduce post-class fatigue so you can perform at your best on the bike! 

Tuesday 7.30pm Highgate with KP or Kelly D
Saturday 12.30pm Subiaco with Stephen


Ride Challenge... Week 1 with KP
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