Team LA Fit

Meet our amazing and talented team of trainers. Their fitness backgrounds are diverse and they each bring a unique spin to the workout, so you’re always challenged, never bored.

Team LA Fit ♥ what they do. Find out why.

Bec Pobar
Ride Instructor, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Dietician

Being physically and mentally healthy isn't just a hobby or a fad, it's a lifestyle. I believe in finding something you love to do and giving it everything you've got. For me, that's incorporating my love of exercise with my passion for music, dancing, good people and good times.

Jacinta Hanrahan
Certified Lagree Fitness Instructor, Ride Instructor, Group Exercise Leader, Massage Therapist

Keeping fit and healthy is so important for my own physical and mental health, and what better way to live and breathe a healthy lifestyle than to help others achieve their own personal goals. I love to see people taking ownership of their workouts and constantly challenging themselves to make positive changes in their lives. Complacency is a killer! Through humour, fun music, my personal tips and hands-on guidance I hope that my classes can make you feel like this small part of your day is ALL ABOUT YOU; and you’ll be working hard without even knowing it (or at least you’ll be laughing instead of crying).

Jill Augustus
Certified Lagree Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer

I do what I do for the all around gratification.  It’s not only gratifying to see the physical changes in people, but even more so, to see the overall bettering of a person. I do what I do to make people's everyday tasks and life easier, to motivate them create a happier and more confident day/month/year, and to smile at the smiles as they walk out the door. 

Kelley Sloan
Lagree Fitness Instructor, Pilates Instructor, Nutritionist

I love to see people aspire, evolve and achieve. I believe that movement helps to build a person physically, mentally and emotionally to be the best and strongest version of who they are. Helping people create the best version of themselves, achieve things with their body they had considered impossible and to see that boost of self confidence in my clients is the number one reason I do what I do.

Kelly Dalby
Lagree Fitness Instructor, Ride Instructor, Master Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Barre Instructor, Mindfulness Coach, Nutrition Coach

The turning point in my life and my career came through overcoming anxiety and working with the mind rather than being a victim of it. I discovered that conscious choices keep us accountable and this applies to our movement practice too. There is always more to learn, there is always more to share, and my commitment to you is that I will always be real, I will always be silly. I will always bring the sweetest tunes, and I will always surround myself with people who inspire me, so I can inspire you. 


Jaz Frame
Lagree Fitness Instructor, Pilates Instructor, Pole Dance Instructor

There is something so wonderful about just seeing the friendly faces walk through the door, that then put their bodies through their own personal fitness challenges and with the beats on and the fun vibes there is no better place to be than right there. I love seeing people make a difference in their lives towards a healthier mind, body and soul and it's all about having fun at the same time. You can count on me for that!

Louise Townsend
Lagree Fitness Instructor, Master Trainer, Pilates Instructor

I love to help, encourage and inspire people and I wanted  a career with purpose and reward. I love to make a difference and help people become the best version of themselves. This is the best gift you can give anyone and being part of their journey is the best feeling! 

Morgan Gail
Lagree Fitness Instructor, Ride Instructor, Master Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor

There is no better feeling than a good sweat! Life has it's ups and downs and fitness has always helped me get through it all. I love the feeling of accomplishment when you push your body and mind. I want to share my passion for fitness with as many people as I can, because I truly believe it is the key to looking younger, feeling happier and living a long life. I want to show people that you don't have to workout hours a day or only eat lettuce to see results. Everyone has the capacity to live a healthier and happier life and I love helping people do that.

Nikki Leone
Ride Instructor

I love Ride for so many reasons. It's a calorie buster and muscle builder which provides a means to live by my motto: healthy mostly but donuts often. It's transformative, not just physically, but mentally. I could be having a bad day, feeling under the weather (even hungover) and the second that beat drops, my mood is changed for the better. It creates a bond between everyone in the room, sweating together with a common goal.

Shane Collard
Certified Lagree Fitness Instructor, Ride Instructor, Xtend Barre Instructor, Pilates Instructor

Fitness has always been a huge part of my life. My approach to fitness is about building a strong foundation of Body Awareness, Coordination and Strength. I aim to empower clients helping them create long, lean, functional muscle while working to every individuals fullest potential. I love to laugh. My goal is to get my clients to smile and actually enjoy their workout experience. I inspire, challenge and educate my clients to live a healthier, stronger, more positive life through mind and body.

Zac Gower
Lagree Fitness Instructor, Ride Instructor, Master Trainer

I am interested in people remembering the truth about themselves, that they have something special and unique to give the world. How? Leading by example, keeping in high spirits and having fun.