Claire Chidgzey and Jaye Cuypers

Team LA Fit



Ride Instructor

1. What do you bring to class?

My aim is to create a collective atmosphere that is inspired by music and makes every moment count. My classes are a combination of light-hearted fun, mental release and a good challenge leaving you feeling accomplished and empowered both on the bike and in everyday life.

2. What do you love about Ride?

After my first Rhythm Ride, I became completely addicted. I love the communal vibe, watching each rider lose themselves to the music in unison, that hit of serotonin that leaves you on that cardio high. There’s nothing else quite like it.

3. What do you love about teaching?

Teaching ride gives me the opportunity to translate my passion for music and movement into my environment. My hope is that my teaching style will inspire self-love and self-appreciation in every rider.