Claire Chidgzey and Jaye Cuypers

Team LA Fit



Lagree Fitness Instructor

What do you bring to class? 

The energy! I have a diverse and extensive fitness background as well as an intense passion for positive new age psychology. I combine the technical components of Lagree (for your physical performance), but put an immense emphasis on mindset and motivation (because I believe mentally this is what is required to motivate you through an amazing class). Because of this I know how to get the absolute most out of you so that you walk away from my class thinking to yourself “I cannot believe i just achieved that!” My intention is to empower you, to empower you to love yourself (more!), to connect you with your body, to challenge yourself and to take yourself to the places you never imagined you could go before. 

What do you love about Lagree?

Discovering the Lagree method is one of my favourite and most loved parts of my fitness journey. I love that during a Lagree workout I feel equal parts nurtured and challenged. I love that I get to choose where I take my workout. Some days I’ll pick the most supportive spring load because that’s what my body needs on the day, other days I’ll walk out and know that my ass is going to be burning for days because I pushed myself to the limits! I love the improvements I have seen aesthetically in my posture and the physical strength that I have built in my core. I love that my body is less stressed and so much healthier since incorporating the Lagree method into my fitness practice. 

What do you love about LA Fit? 

I love the culture of LA Fit! Which starts from the top, the owners and founders of LA Fit – Claire and Jaye. 

I literally cannot wait to drive into work each day. We have such an empowering and supportive community, from the bosses to the staff to the clients. We are one big team – and I love it. Each day I am met with the biggest smiling faces and it’s such a pleasure and a joy to teach every single client who graces LA Fit.

For me personally I love watching women come in unsure of what they are capable of, and witness their journey of physical and mental confidence, because I know that journey transcends out of the Mega room and into their personal lives.