Claire Chidgzey and Jaye Cuypers

Team LA Fit



Ride Instructor, Lagree Fitness Instructor

What do you bring to class?

I bring fun, energy and enthusiasm! I want every client walking out of my classes feeling strong and empowered! I’m always keen for a laugh and with my continuing Physio and Sports Science degree I’m happy to provide modifications where I can.

What do you love about Lagree?

I love that Megaformer is never easy, to be honest! There are always ways to make it more challenging! It’s honestly never like any other workout I have done before!

What do you love about Ride?

Ride is my favourite – I love how I feel after I teach and how we all ride as one in a class! 

What do you love about LA Fit?

The community and my fellow amazing employees! I love that I may be feeling average and I can walk in and know someone will make me smile!