Claire Chidgzey and Jaye Cuypers

Team LA Fit



Lagree Fitness Instructor, Ride Instructor, Yoga Teacher

What do you bring to class?

I love to laugh. My goal is to make clients smile and enjoy their workout experience. I inspire, challenge and educate clients to live a healthier, stronger, more positive life through mind and body.

What do you love about Lagree?

I love that Lagree empowers clients to create long, lean, functional muscle strength while working to their fullest potential. I have a really hands-on approach and attention to form to ensure clients get the most out of every minute with me.

What do you love about Ride?

I’m a professional dancer, so I love the music, the moves and the chance to choreograph again! The high energy and fun vibe in the Ride room makes class fly by.

What do you love about LA Fit?

Moving back to Perth after living internationally and interstate for so long was a big change, but LA Fit feels like home.